Thursday 8 August 2013

Thrift on Vacation

Long time no post.  Sorry Blogosphere but I was on vacation in the Great Wild West - specifically Jasper, a beautiful corner of the world.  I was hoping to share some "thrifting tour" shots but all I could find was one solitary table of second hand clothing (beside 276 VHS tapes and as many used books):
Sadly, I couldn't find any hidden treasures in this pile
but I did do them a favour by refolding everything and categorizing it into pants, tops, bathing suits, etc.  
I'm helpful that way.

Note to thrift store entrepreneurs: Jasper is ripe for harvest.  Some lovely vintage, some steals, some clothing swaps - would be awesome!  My family and I wore our thrifted pieces throughout our vacation, which is inevitable now that most of my wardrobe is second-hand and my kids are heading in the same direction.  Here are some of my fave shots of our thrifts on vacation!
Any true nature princess paints her nails, wears a dress and brings her unicorn to play in the wild.
Location: Athabasca Riverbank
Dress $4 VV Boutique
Patterned shorts at least gave me some style amidst the chic European tourists at Athabasca Falls.
Here I am down stream at our rocky picnic locale.
Shorts $4.90, tank $2.50, plaid $2.50 VV Boutique
Crocs.  I'm sorry but seeing you here is too much for me to bear.
I can do better, even while camping.
Raincoats from VV, $6ish a-piece from VV Boutique.
 The rain didn't stop her from petting a grizzly.  Grizzly hide, that is, as opposed to this...
 This was the real deal on the road near our campground.
We heard a bear cannon shortly after, thankfully!
 This $6 towel dress was purchased on my very first VV Boutique trip!
Location: Edith Lake beach where my family also did some canoeing...
 Swim shirt $4 VV Boutique
Matching suit $5 VV Boutique makes for a melt-your-heart natural-born paddler.
 Big brother braves the cold pool at Miette Hot Springs
$3.50 swim shorts VV Boutique
The view at Miette is amazing!
Mother and daughter in thrifted swim wear!
Mine $9.10, hers $4 VV Boutique
 Why isn't there a hot spring in my back yard?

We had a wonderful time in Jasper and were rejuvenated by the mountain scene!  Of course, I wore my camping shirts and MEC skirt and so many other pieces that made my vacation comfortable and at least a little bit stylish!  Next time we go to Jasper, I hope to find a quaint little thrift shop to make the experience even more amazing!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Love little princess's pink dress with white daisies - so sweet!


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