Wednesday 31 July 2013

Stripe on Stripe

Yesterday I wore floral on floral and today I wore stripe on stripe, only this time it was a layering striped tank with a striped cowl tee.  Totally different.
MEC skirt $5 VV Boutique
Gap tank from my closet
Thrifted striped cowl tee gift from my sis

I love the stripey awesomeness of this shirt but the cowl is ... er... significant, so it limits the styles per cost options.  However, since it was a gift that's a moo point.  
VV Boutique Style on location in the sand.
At the playground.
On the prairies.

I wasn't really sure how to style this top, or if the cowl collar was "in" but as soon as I paired it with a complimentary tank, I felt comfortable.  IRL I felt the cowl added bulk to my already-ample bosom (that makes me sound matronly but I don't know how else to say 'big boobs'), though in pics it looks fine.  This would be an awesome top for nursing - nicely camouflaging but easy access.   
Bold stripes or patterns make me want clean simple accessories, so I selected the same earrings and bangle I wore while being a very important interviewer.
And here I am being a very important swing pusher.

At the very least, this ensemble illustrates that you can be a mom at the park without wearing yoga pants.  Just in case you didn't know.  You're welcome.

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