Friday 12 July 2013

Thrift Shop Recap

Today I saved my family $400+ dollars by delving into the squalor known as "The Family Van" and scrubbing it clean inside and out.  I may have employed child labour.  Last time it was this clean was 2 years ago when my son found a drowned mouse in his leftover frapuccino cup, prompting an all-day *spa* trip for the van to Bubbles.  Good times.  So, today's savings plus my filled 30% off stamp card that expires tomorrow meant a quick trip to VV Boutique!  I had a feeling that the housewares department would be my goldmine today and sure enough, I SCORED!  I also scored some other great items and pondered whether I should blog them throughout the summer or share them now... Well, I was never very good at waiting patiently, so here are my Friday night finds!
I don't know why some things speak to me and some don't.  I think that instinctual draw is what makes personal style so I go with it.  Don't hold my ceramic artichoke pot against me!  I think it will be cozy with my rooster jug!  The orange candle holders/vases will be great indoors or out, the lazy Susan is what brings my boys to the table, and the hangers will keep my clothes from slipping off!  I also remember making these as a child in the early 80s so maybe I'll have to resurrect this as a summer child labour activity. 
My kids aren't exactly lacking in toys but they don't have any of this stuff and I know they'll love it!  Oh fine, and maybe I felt bad missing bedtime snuggles.  But this next toy was the piece de resistance! 
Barbie play house, fully functional in great condition and folds up like a suitcase for $7!!!!  It has an elevator, a balcony, a bed, and the rest I'll have to wait to discover with my girl!  I cannot wait for her to wake up!  I spent hours as a child constructing Barbie houses with record covers (please don't tell me you don't know what that is) and would have looooooovvveeed this! 

After that amazing find, I decided to focus on one section.  I'm looking for distressed denim, or denim that I could DIY distress.  Things were looking good - I had not one but TWO pairs of Seven for all Mankind denim, Jacob, Parasuco, Tristan and even a pair of True Religion:
Looking alright, but I know something you don't know...
Methinks this brand isn't for me.

Though distressed denim continues to evade me, I did find two pairs of denim to fill legit holes in my wardrobe:
Black Old Navy Rockstar ankle crop denim $4.20
Urban Behavior denim leggings $6.30
I also got another scarf for $3.50 *oops*

I *may* have swooped past the maxi dresses too.  Since I'm giving one of my three away, I thought I might try and replace it.  I found this striped awesomeness...
QED London dress $6.30

It is surprisingly, er, secure, for a strapless dress and surprisingly flattering despite the horizontal stripes.   The dress does have oddly placed straps that I'm not sure what to do with.
Anyone have ideas?
Doesn't really matter because the stripes make my heart sing!

All in all, I was disappointed that none of the designer denim worked out but pleased with my wardrobe and decor treasures!  All that for about $50!  AWESOME!

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