Thursday 11 July 2013

Real-Life Mom Summer Style

You'd think by my lack of posts that I stopped working for the summer and have been going around naked since then.  Thankfully, that is not the case.  Here's what I have been doing:
And, generally, adjusting to a summer way of life!  I am so incredibly blessed to have a job that breaks for the summer (though I'm not a teacher!) and I have been staying up late(r) and sleeping in (as much as the kids allow) and reading and visiting.  This is not the stuff of exciting fashion but for what it's worth, here's an example of what I consider real-life-mom summer style:
 Old Navy green polka dot shorts $4.90 VV Boutique
Gifted graphic tee ($5 Goodwill)
Old Navy flip slops in classic b/w

This photo was taken by my son from the back of the van as we were heading out with a friend in tow for a day of summer fun - bowling, lunch out, and swimming!  Me + 4 kids.  You better believe I'm going to chose something easy to slip on and off, comfy and yet cute enough that it doesn't scream "MOOOOMMMMMMM!"  
And this was what my 3yo felt should be captured of my #ootd.
And this is pool bathroom photography in case you needed proof of summer.

We know that contrasting colours look good together, so it was no surprise that the cobalt tee and green shorts were a match!  The polka dots fit the vibe of the graphic (I'm going for "young but not trying too hard" and also "super smart" and also "the best mom ev-ah").  All in all, I was satisfied.  
This is not the first wear for these shorts.  I have photographed them and shared on Instagram twice and worn them even more than that!  Already, the cost per wear and styles per cost are under a dollar.
Left: white eyelet top $5 VV Boutique, Gap denim jacket and scarf from my closet
Right: Point Zero floral top $3.50 VV Boutique

I was hunting for printed shorts and couldn't have been happier to find a pair of GREEN shorts with polka dots in my size!  VV Boutique, you are always on trend and at a fraction of the price of regular retail!  Love it!  Thanks for helping me be Stylish Summer Mom!


  1. cute as ever my friend - vv is calling my name...and my wallet is calling for vv.-mmm

  2. i want this outfit...unfortunately my legs would not quite look like yours!!! - mmm


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