Wednesday 31 July 2013

Stripe on Stripe

Yesterday I wore floral on floral and today I wore stripe on stripe, only this time it was a layering striped tank with a striped cowl tee.  Totally different.
MEC skirt $5 VV Boutique
Gap tank from my closet
Thrifted striped cowl tee gift from my sis

I love the stripey awesomeness of this shirt but the cowl is ... er... significant, so it limits the styles per cost options.  However, since it was a gift that's a moo point.  
VV Boutique Style on location in the sand.
At the playground.
On the prairies.

I wasn't really sure how to style this top, or if the cowl collar was "in" but as soon as I paired it with a complimentary tank, I felt comfortable.  IRL I felt the cowl added bulk to my already-ample bosom (that makes me sound matronly but I don't know how else to say 'big boobs'), though in pics it looks fine.  This would be an awesome top for nursing - nicely camouflaging but easy access.   
Bold stripes or patterns make me want clean simple accessories, so I selected the same earrings and bangle I wore while being a very important interviewer.
And here I am being a very important swing pusher.

At the very least, this ensemble illustrates that you can be a mom at the park without wearing yoga pants.  Just in case you didn't know.  You're welcome.

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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Mixing Florals

Floral patterns are trendy this summer.  However, I can't exactly remember ever not seeing floral patterns in stores so I don't exactly know what makes them more trendy now.  I do know that styled incorrectly and you've got yourself a snooze-ensemble, ya know, something straight off the Reitman's mannequin.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  We all have less inspired days where a simple neutral + pattern = good enough.  But I like to challenge my-style-self, and so when I went to wear a new floral tee, I decided to mix it with ... more floral!
Floral tee $3.50, H&M floral skirt $4.90
Hispanitas $3.50
All from VV Boutique

Unknowingly, I followed print-mixing guidelines as expertly outlined by Ruche:
  • choose prints with a common colour - the peachy pink and yellow are in both florals, and the base colour of a dark navy/black underscore both
  • mix tighter patterns with more open patterns
  • limit your outfits to two prints
  • add minimal accessories - I debated about a necklace but felt naked without something to finish the ensemble, so I chose a necklace by She Does Create with pale beads that look pink/purple/mauve/blue depending on what they are with.  I used my tiny pliers to change it into a lariat for added interest.  Simple bracelets and small earrings are from my closet.
My day was jam-packed and this outfit was perfectly comfortable and interesting and definitely not snoozy.  As I look back through my archives, I realize, I have a thing for mixing patterns and seeing the Ruche examples only makes me want more. 
 Look out Autumn because me and my patterns are coming after you!

Saturday 27 July 2013

Fair Wear

I have mixed feelings about exhibition fairs.  Ever since I worked as a clown at the Calgary Stampede Kids' Country tent eons ago, fairs have lost their allure.  (I was a terrible clown by the way; "I'm a friendly clown not a magic clown;" they walk away disappointed.)  However, my kids and my husband LOVE the fair!  My husband forgets words like "budget" and shells out the bucks to try games and have a good time.  Not such a terrible quality in a dad I suppose!  I do love all the free and educational stuff for kids and we spent the majority of our time this year at K Days taking it in.  We went specifically went to see Will Stroet and his Backyard Band perform - look for my review on This Bird's Day (thanks for having me, Sheri!).

Though some women are apparently quite comfortable going to the fair in platform 4" wedges and crop tops, I went for functionality!
Orange chinos $3, Striped top $4.20, Fossil bag $5.60 all from VV Boutique

This ensemble was comfy for the windy day outdoors and the orange pants help my kids to spot me in the crowd!  Shoes are a hard call.  I personally refuse to wear runners or sports sandals, but my other summer shoes aren't comfortable for lots of walking on concrete and my TOMS (from before my second-hand adventure started) are almost disintegrated.  Luckily I recently scored these cute sneakers, unworn, from VV Boutique ($11).  
Basically, I was wearing kid haute couture.

I consider these summer activities test-runs for our upcoming trip to Disneyland at Christmas.  What shoes will we need?  What bag will be best?  I'm perseverating thinking about it a lot.
 I now know to expect fair prizes to feature prominently in photos whether I like it or not.
As I was saying, here I am with the Prize Unicorn to which I am now called "Grandma."

We were all exhausted but had a great day!  Turns out fairs are awesome for creating memorable scenes of summer family fun!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Interview Attire

Let's just say you're merrily going about your summer in your maxi dresses and good-eating dresses and cute shorts and then BOOM a good friend asks you to sit on an interview panel.  Well that is exactly what happened this week so I was forced to face my fear of pants and put together a professional-ish summer ensemble.  To make this more challenging, I took my kids swimming in the morning and had about 30 minutes to get them lunch, get ready and get out the door.  Luckily, I am a professional _______ (You fill in the blank.)  (I might put "rush-er" since I'm late all the dang time.) AND I had a new Michael Kors top that saved me:
 Michael Kors blouse $9.10 VV Boutique
White tank came with my Blue Crush top from VV Boutique

Occupational Therapy is a creative profession, yet we don't have the style reputation of our Speech Language Pathologist colleagues.  We are known for fanny packs; they are known for pencil skirts.  I doth protest!!!  I wanted to portray OT as polished stylish professional (who takes pictures in bathrooms at work) and thought this top fit the bill!  Michael Kors describes itself as "elegance meets edge" which is accurate of this top.  It is sheer, light and airy  - perfect for a hot day when you still want to look put together!  The buttons are solid silver so I chose solid silver accessories from my closet to complement.  I am always excited to find designer labels in perfect condition at VV Boutique and this was no exception!  My best estimate is that this top would have cost at least $100 regular retail.  The pattern, colours and fit mean I will get tons of wear when I return to work in the fall.
Here I am professionally clutching my latte.
Some things are the same all year long.

Did you notice the shocking element of my ensemble?  That's right, I mixed navy and black.  I am very risque that way.  Truthfully, I didn't have a suitable navy bottom.  I have updated my hunting list accordingly.  In retrospect, AKA right now looking at this photo, I don't love the espadrilles with this ensemble.  They are too casual, but it was hot and I was sitting down and I had 30 seconds to choose shoes.  Also, they allowed me to tower over the candidates so that I could look all scary and serious so that when I demanded they rap their answers, they had no choice but to comply.  (everything in the last sentence is false except my height advantage)  (This BTW is but one reason why I'm not the boss.  You can't hire therapists based on rapping ability.  But you sure can gauge their sense of haha.)

Outcomes of the interview:
  1. First and foremost, my Michael Kors top was perfect.
  2. Number one is a joke.  First and foremost, my smart and savvy awesome business woman pal conducted great interviews with great candidates.  
  3. I enjoyed the break from my summer routine to work and dress for work!  
I had a great afternoon with great company and a great blouse!  Couldn't ask for anything more!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Summer Markets and Reading

How is it possible that July is flying by so fast?  I am left to conclude one thing by the rapidly passing time: I am old getting old.  I have come to another conclusion this summer: I am #afraidofpants.  It started with camping on the May long weekend, then continued through sitonmybuttwritingreports June when my colleague Chantel brought things like chocolate lasagna and monkey munch to work, then summer hit and I've been wearing skirts and dresses almost every day whilst enjoying ice cream and hot dogs.  So you can understand.  Here is my ground-breaking outfit for today.  You *may* recognize the formula...
Marks and Spencer dress $9.10, Graphic tee $7 VV Boutique
Shoes from my closet

Turns out a fitted cute tee over a dress works with most dresses.  No pesky waistband to deal with.  #afraidofpants  I went to visit my sister at a local market and quickly stole something selected something to buy.  I.e., the pendant necklace did not start the day with me at 11am when I finally got ready.
 Lisa Leonard One Little Word necklace, beaded necklace $1 VV Boutique
Earrings and bracelet also from my collection of She Does Create

As it turns out, this piece created a cool necklace layering effect. 
I love "helping" my sister and taking the opportunity for some people watching community observations.  Most of the time, I am stymied by the lack of accessories worn by the general public.  I feel naked without at least three accessories on any given day.  I love playing with accessories and seeing how they change the mood of the outfit and add mileage to your wardrobe.  There are unique affordable accessories at VV Boutique, and designers like my fab sis are great alternatives to brands like Silpada or Stella and Dot - not that there is anything wrong with them!  I love them too!  What I'm trying to say is that it is possible to find unique pieces that no one else will have that express your individual style at a reasonable price point.  Summers are awesome for festivals and markets, so it is the perfect time time to shop around and find something special that makes your heart sing!  Or, if you are sitting on line at midnight like me, designers like my fab sis offer on line shopping or purchases straight off her Facebook page Style thanks you, Technology.  So for crying out loud put on a necklace. 

That concludes the outfit portion of this post.

The other great thing about summer is finally having more time to read!  Alas, I finished my second Book Sneeze selection and offer my review here:

Bound Together by Chris Brauns

“…The principle of the rope, though we first experience it as the worst possible news, is ultimately good news.  The principle of the rope is what underlies the good news of the gospel, namely, that if we are roped to Christ, we are so bound to him that nothing …can ever separate us from his love.”
Why did I choose this book: 

This book immediately caught my eye from the Book Sneeze options.  Over the past couple years, I have learned so much about the spiritual soul ties between people, and I am ever eager to learn more about it.  I am also learning and experiencing the joy of community, and was interested in learning more about how the greater community (beyond family and close friends) is connected.

  • Brauns' analogy is fairly simple.  The “principle of the rope” is that we are all connected, for better or worse, and even though we may believe we act “autonomously,” we have an impact on the community around us.  Brauns provides scripture references and discussion to establish this principle, which shouldn’t be hard for us to buy if we already believe that Christ created us for community.
  • Brauns explains the impact of “the original sin” and shows how Jesus’ work on the cross basically trumps any effect from the original sin or from any connection to people making bad choices, or to our own past sins.  
  • Brauns backs everything up with scripture.
  • Brauns has different styles of writing within the book; sometimes he is conversational and personal with his readers and sometimes he is technical and literary – both of which I felt came across like trying a little too hard.  I better enjoyed the bulk of the book where his writing style was more natural.
  • I commend Brauns for this book because it goes against the grain.  Contemporary culture doesn’t exactly want to face the truth of our interconnectedness.  We would rather believe we are independent and autonomous.  Brauns explains that the rope is what allows us to uncover our true humanity living in solidarity.
  • The Bible commands us to be joyful, and Brauns illustrates how joy is found in fellowship.  This particular point made me consider social media; when used for good, it facilitates fellowship and can indeed bring joy and connection.
  • Brauns also does a good job of discussing the principle of the rope in marriage and hurting families, and assures us that through our connection to the Church (meaning the whole community of believers) we are adopted into a new family and can rest in a new identity in Christ.
  • Throughout the book, Brauns nicely summarizes and reiterates important points, and gives a great summary at the end. 
Bottom line: Though I found some of the book repetitive, it bears repeating as long as it takes for us to get it!  No one need be trapped by the sins of their forefathers or their own sins, or anything in our community and culture around us.  We can all experience true freedom in Christ.  Brauns has much more to say, so I recommend you just go out and get the book and read it!

I am a member of
In exchange for writing a review, I received this book for free.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Giveaway Update and a Strapless Maxi Dress

This has been an awesome week for VV Boutique Style!  One week ago, I published the "Capsule Wardrobe Give Away" post and was overwhelmed by the positive response!  I got tons of support from family and friends and the Alberta social media community!  Mayor Nenshi of Calgary retweeted my link as did Bif Naked and so many others!  Marta Gold retweeted, then blogged about my giveaway, then featured it in the actual Edmonton Journal on Friday July 12!  I was totally surprised to see the Blogger tally of hits climb and climb - sitting at over 2100 as of tonight.  I was also totally surprised to not find someone to give my wardrobe to.  I felt such a calling to do this post that I was prepared to find more than one person in need and do a second give-away with different pieces.  Alas, that has not happened... YET.  I just know that sooner or later, I will find someone in my size and style who needs her spirits raised with a donation of great pieces including my favourite dress of all time, a MATT & NAT wallet and bag, a signature coral pendant necklace by local designer She Does Create, a $30 StyleMint credit and much more.  In addition, Natalie Harper is on stand-by to hook my recipient up with some products from London Drugs and Charity Smith has offered another Nine West bag option that will be perfect with this capsule wardrobe.  AND, Value Village itself is contributing a gift card for my recipient to expand her new wardrobe with more great thrifted pieces.  I have total faith that I fill find that perfect someone, and when I do, I will shout it from the rooftops!  Or at least on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  So please keep your eyes and ears open and tweet me, email me, or send a carrier pigeon if you know of someone size 10ish affected by the Alberta Floods who would like a little VV Boutique Style

Since I have already said my good-byes to my capsule wardrobe pieces, I will package them up so they are ready to go on short notice!  As such, I was down from 3 to 2 maxi dresses and as it turns out, maxi dresses are pretty well the perfect summer piece.  You can dress them up or down, you don't have to worry about shaving your legs, you can eat at Smashburger and have blended drinks and never feel constricted.  All this to say, I need more than 2 and was lucky enough to find one last Friday night.  Today was an epic summer fun day that started in rain, headed out on a long road trip and is not even over yet!  (I'm actually blogging on the road!)  My new striped maxi dress was perfect for the day and gave me a chance to test-drive a strapless dress outside of my own community in case of accidental flashings.
Can you guess my destination by the T-Rex behind me?
QED London maxi $6.30, Ann Taylor cardi $4.20 both from VV Boutique
Elephant pendant by She Does Create
Shoes from closet, and infamous Fossil bag
It's not every day that my selfie is photo-bombed by a dinosaur.

I haven't worn a strapless dress since my grade 9 graduation.  Things were much, er, smaller back then.  I don't really like the look of bra straps showing on me personally; I know many stylish women look just fine and it is kinda hard to avoid with summer tank tops, but generally I try to avoid it as much as possible.  With that in mind, I recently had a new experience at VV Boutique.  I got a second-hand strapless bra for $2.50.  I figured, I bought second-hand swimsuits, so what's the dif; anyway, bras are so expensive and I can't fathom needing a strapless one enough to justify the cost per wear of regular retail.  Also, after shopping for a dress for a friend for Meet the Media, I realized that women really should keep on hand a variety of bras so that we are prepared!  Good thinking, because I bought this dress knowing I had a bra to wear with it!
Just me and the beautiful Alberta Badlands!

Here's what I have to report about going strapless: it worked out better than I expected!  I had a full day, carried my kids, wore it with and without the cardi and didn't even come close to a wardrobe malfunction!
 The Royal Tyrrell Museum has plenty of options for mirror self-photography...
Even if passersby do look at you funny.
 The strapless maxi dress was no problem in the notorious Drumheller wind,
the splash park or the park.  Perfect for sitting in the grass and pretending to be ladylike.

About the only problem I can report is this: it was hard on my husband.  Wink wink.  He figured strapless meant, er, easy access and flirty peeks.  Sorry Hon, I love you, but that's not what this dress is about! 
My photographer was so busy looking at the, er, view, 
that he neglected to tell me about the hair situation.

To those of you who wear strapless tops and dresses routinely, does the novelty eventually wear off?!  Hope so!  All in all it was a fantastic day and I felt like a stylish summer mom - again!

Friday 12 July 2013

Thrift Shop Recap

Today I saved my family $400+ dollars by delving into the squalor known as "The Family Van" and scrubbing it clean inside and out.  I may have employed child labour.  Last time it was this clean was 2 years ago when my son found a drowned mouse in his leftover frapuccino cup, prompting an all-day *spa* trip for the van to Bubbles.  Good times.  So, today's savings plus my filled 30% off stamp card that expires tomorrow meant a quick trip to VV Boutique!  I had a feeling that the housewares department would be my goldmine today and sure enough, I SCORED!  I also scored some other great items and pondered whether I should blog them throughout the summer or share them now... Well, I was never very good at waiting patiently, so here are my Friday night finds!
I don't know why some things speak to me and some don't.  I think that instinctual draw is what makes personal style so I go with it.  Don't hold my ceramic artichoke pot against me!  I think it will be cozy with my rooster jug!  The orange candle holders/vases will be great indoors or out, the lazy Susan is what brings my boys to the table, and the hangers will keep my clothes from slipping off!  I also remember making these as a child in the early 80s so maybe I'll have to resurrect this as a summer child labour activity. 
My kids aren't exactly lacking in toys but they don't have any of this stuff and I know they'll love it!  Oh fine, and maybe I felt bad missing bedtime snuggles.  But this next toy was the piece de resistance! 
Barbie play house, fully functional in great condition and folds up like a suitcase for $7!!!!  It has an elevator, a balcony, a bed, and the rest I'll have to wait to discover with my girl!  I cannot wait for her to wake up!  I spent hours as a child constructing Barbie houses with record covers (please don't tell me you don't know what that is) and would have looooooovvveeed this! 

After that amazing find, I decided to focus on one section.  I'm looking for distressed denim, or denim that I could DIY distress.  Things were looking good - I had not one but TWO pairs of Seven for all Mankind denim, Jacob, Parasuco, Tristan and even a pair of True Religion:
Looking alright, but I know something you don't know...
Methinks this brand isn't for me.

Though distressed denim continues to evade me, I did find two pairs of denim to fill legit holes in my wardrobe:
Black Old Navy Rockstar ankle crop denim $4.20
Urban Behavior denim leggings $6.30
I also got another scarf for $3.50 *oops*

I *may* have swooped past the maxi dresses too.  Since I'm giving one of my three away, I thought I might try and replace it.  I found this striped awesomeness...
QED London dress $6.30

It is surprisingly, er, secure, for a strapless dress and surprisingly flattering despite the horizontal stripes.   The dress does have oddly placed straps that I'm not sure what to do with.
Anyone have ideas?
Doesn't really matter because the stripes make my heart sing!

All in all, I was disappointed that none of the designer denim worked out but pleased with my wardrobe and decor treasures!  All that for about $50!  AWESOME!

Thursday 11 July 2013

Real-Life Mom Summer Style

You'd think by my lack of posts that I stopped working for the summer and have been going around naked since then.  Thankfully, that is not the case.  Here's what I have been doing:
And, generally, adjusting to a summer way of life!  I am so incredibly blessed to have a job that breaks for the summer (though I'm not a teacher!) and I have been staying up late(r) and sleeping in (as much as the kids allow) and reading and visiting.  This is not the stuff of exciting fashion but for what it's worth, here's an example of what I consider real-life-mom summer style:
 Old Navy green polka dot shorts $4.90 VV Boutique
Gifted graphic tee ($5 Goodwill)
Old Navy flip slops in classic b/w

This photo was taken by my son from the back of the van as we were heading out with a friend in tow for a day of summer fun - bowling, lunch out, and swimming!  Me + 4 kids.  You better believe I'm going to chose something easy to slip on and off, comfy and yet cute enough that it doesn't scream "MOOOOMMMMMMM!"  
And this was what my 3yo felt should be captured of my #ootd.
And this is pool bathroom photography in case you needed proof of summer.

We know that contrasting colours look good together, so it was no surprise that the cobalt tee and green shorts were a match!  The polka dots fit the vibe of the graphic (I'm going for "young but not trying too hard" and also "super smart" and also "the best mom ev-ah").  All in all, I was satisfied.  
This is not the first wear for these shorts.  I have photographed them and shared on Instagram twice and worn them even more than that!  Already, the cost per wear and styles per cost are under a dollar.
Left: white eyelet top $5 VV Boutique, Gap denim jacket and scarf from my closet
Right: Point Zero floral top $3.50 VV Boutique

I was hunting for printed shorts and couldn't have been happier to find a pair of GREEN shorts with polka dots in my size!  VV Boutique, you are always on trend and at a fraction of the price of regular retail!  Love it!  Thanks for helping me be Stylish Summer Mom!

Sunday 7 July 2013

Capsule Wardrobe Giveaway (Alberta Flood Relief VV Boutique Styled!)

I am intrigued by the concept of a capsule wardrobe.  What is a capsule wardrobe, you ask!   In my hours on Pinterest research, I have determined that a capsule wardrobe is a small wardrobe of foundational pieces that can be mixed with little effort and embellished with simple scarves and accessories.  Unknowingly, I have had a capsule wardrobe three times - while pregnant!  Since then, and since starting this second-hand shopping adventure last August, my wardrobe isn't exactly "capsule!"  I am blessed to have a sizable closet and with VV Boutique prices, I have plenty of variety to play with and uncover my personal style

Still.  I reach for basic pieces over and over, and have reflected on what pieces give me the best cost per wear and styles per cost.  I have also been inspired by many style bloggers to consider the capsule wardrobe including Mai Tai's Picture Book , Audrey of Putting Me Together and most recently by MK of Outfit Posts.  I also am inspired to hone in on the "capsule wardrobe" after the recent heartbreaking floods in my home province of Alberta.  Many many women in the Southern areas of Alberta have lost everything in these historic floods.  They need a capsule wardrobe to help get them back on their feet.  So, here is what I'm going to do.  I'm sharing my idea of a summery capsule wardrobe here and then, I'm going to donate it to a woman in need in Southern Alberta.  I don't know who you are yet, but I'm confident that somewhere out there, I can connect with a woman about my height and size that would appreciate my capsule wardrobe.

I've chosen 15 pieces that can be remixed for 30+ outfits:
  1. maxi dress - $9.10 from VV Boutique
  2. striped dress - firsthand from my closet Calvin Klein $50
  3. brown pants - brown Gap trousers from VV Boutique $2.45
  4. green skirt - from Splurge Sorority clothing exchange
  5. denim skirt - Jacob from VV Boutique $4.90
  6. solid tank - orange Esprit from VV Boutique $2.50
  7. solid top - firsthand from my closet
  8. print top - Violet and Claire floral peplum from VV Boutique $3.50
  9. chambray - Joe Fresh from VV Boutique $2.50
  10. purple cardi - firsthand from my closet Joe Fresh
  11. green cardi - firsthand from my closet Joe Fresh
  12. wide belt - $4 from VV Boutique
  13. skinny belt (reversible) - $2.10 from VV Boutique
  14. neutral scarf - $4 from VV Boutique
  15. floral scarf- $2 from VV Boutique

Here are some of the ways I would remix these pieces to give me more than a month's worth of outfits:

Outfits 1-5
I'm not so sure about belting a scarf like in #5, but I've seen it done so I included it, 
though I admit it made me feel like a Golden Girl on a cruise.

Outfits 6-10
Even small variations add interest to staple pieces!
If my donor recipient has size 8.5 feet, these Franco Sarto wedges will go too!

Outfits 11-15
To add dramatic flair to the photo shoot, I would imagine where I would wear these outfits.
Most of the time, I was going to see fireworks.  
I don't get it either; there are not that many fireworks opportunities.

Outfits 16-20
This series started with maple plank smoked s'mores.  
So, in my head I was dashing out the door for work after having a quick nutritious breakfast.

Outfits 21-25
Outfit #1 is something I always wanted to try: a dress as a top.
Outfit #4 is for the imaginary fireworks again.

Outfits 26-29
I didn't end up "officially" photographing some of these looks, 
but I like 'em and I would wear them, so I decided to include my selfies.

Outfits 30-34
Etc.  This is not even all of the possibilities!  
But by this time, my faithful photographer and Next Gen friend Chantel and I were growing weary.  
And I was forgetting to stand up straight and resist my rap poses.

I must admit, this is sacrificial giving for me - even more so than tithing!  My Calvin Klein dress is first fruits for me - my favourite dress of all time!  I love all of these pieces, I'm not done with them!  But, I have enough and I will have more.  And even though it may seem superficial, I think clothes can lift the spirits.  I have three bonuses with my capsule wardrobe giveaway!!!
  1. My fabulous and talented jewelry-designing sister Shannon of She Does Create has donated these accessories to the cause!  My donor recipient won't have to worry about the perfect trifecta of accessories thanks to She Does Create!  She even included her original design, the Summer 2013 signature coral pendant.
  2. Shannon has also generously offered to include her MATT & NAT bag and wallet to the cause!  It is the perfect bag for this capsule wardrobe! 
  3. Shortly before starting my second-hand shopping adventure, I joined StyleMint.  I have been skipping every month in order to follow my own rules of shopping only second-hand for myself (!) but missed the deadline in June.  Therefore I have a $30 credit so my donor recipient will get to browse on line for a piece from StyleMint to complement the second-hand pieces from me. 
I need your help!  I am about a size 10 and though I'm 5'8 1/2" I think my clothes would work even for someone a bit shorter.  Help me connect with someone in Calgary, Canmore, High River or anywhere in Southern Alberta.  If you have lost your wardrobe due to the floods and are about my size and style, please enter my Capsule Wardrobe Giveaway in one of the following ways:
I will draw for the winner on Sunday July 14th so I can get it packaged and delivered to my new stylish friend ASAP.  Share this post via Twitter or Facebook and help me contribute in some small way to the flood relief for the greater community of women in Alberta!

Ladies, are you with me!?  Do you have an *extra* capsule wardrobe not getting its fair wear in your closet?  There are many great ways to donate to flood relief including the Red Cross, Salvation Army and others, but if this concept strikes a chord in you, consider donating capsule wardrobe pieces to your nearest Value Village or other local thrift stores so another woman can find good pieces at good prices to start rebuilding her wardrobe and her life.  I am not aware of an organization that will match women with clothing donors, but if you prefer to connect individually with someone, feel free to email me or post on my Facebook page and I will do my best to facilitate a good match!

Another option is to donate a gift card from Value Village or other retailers such as Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Banana Republic, Target or Walmart.  Most if not all of my suggested capsule wardrobe pieces can be purchased from any of these retailers and are accessible to many victims of the flooding.  I am still in process of determining where one would send these gift cards as most organizations are accepting monetary donations only.  So, if this is what you want to do, hold tight and I will post on my Facebook Page and Twitter where to send your gift cards.  I will also include this info when I post the winner! 

This is a small part, but I am part of the body, the community of women, and this part I can do!  So can you!  Let's help our sisters!  Let's contribute to the Alberta flood relief - VV Boutique Styled!