Wednesday 24 July 2013

Interview Attire

Let's just say you're merrily going about your summer in your maxi dresses and good-eating dresses and cute shorts and then BOOM a good friend asks you to sit on an interview panel.  Well that is exactly what happened this week so I was forced to face my fear of pants and put together a professional-ish summer ensemble.  To make this more challenging, I took my kids swimming in the morning and had about 30 minutes to get them lunch, get ready and get out the door.  Luckily, I am a professional _______ (You fill in the blank.)  (I might put "rush-er" since I'm late all the dang time.) AND I had a new Michael Kors top that saved me:
 Michael Kors blouse $9.10 VV Boutique
White tank came with my Blue Crush top from VV Boutique

Occupational Therapy is a creative profession, yet we don't have the style reputation of our Speech Language Pathologist colleagues.  We are known for fanny packs; they are known for pencil skirts.  I doth protest!!!  I wanted to portray OT as polished stylish professional (who takes pictures in bathrooms at work) and thought this top fit the bill!  Michael Kors describes itself as "elegance meets edge" which is accurate of this top.  It is sheer, light and airy  - perfect for a hot day when you still want to look put together!  The buttons are solid silver so I chose solid silver accessories from my closet to complement.  I am always excited to find designer labels in perfect condition at VV Boutique and this was no exception!  My best estimate is that this top would have cost at least $100 regular retail.  The pattern, colours and fit mean I will get tons of wear when I return to work in the fall.
Here I am professionally clutching my latte.
Some things are the same all year long.

Did you notice the shocking element of my ensemble?  That's right, I mixed navy and black.  I am very risque that way.  Truthfully, I didn't have a suitable navy bottom.  I have updated my hunting list accordingly.  In retrospect, AKA right now looking at this photo, I don't love the espadrilles with this ensemble.  They are too casual, but it was hot and I was sitting down and I had 30 seconds to choose shoes.  Also, they allowed me to tower over the candidates so that I could look all scary and serious so that when I demanded they rap their answers, they had no choice but to comply.  (everything in the last sentence is false except my height advantage)  (This BTW is but one reason why I'm not the boss.  You can't hire therapists based on rapping ability.  But you sure can gauge their sense of haha.)

Outcomes of the interview:
  1. First and foremost, my Michael Kors top was perfect.
  2. Number one is a joke.  First and foremost, my smart and savvy awesome business woman pal conducted great interviews with great candidates.  
  3. I enjoyed the break from my summer routine to work and dress for work!  
I had a great afternoon with great company and a great blouse!  Couldn't ask for anything more!


  1. so awesome!-mmm

    1. recognize your old shorts???!!! Thanks for that!

  2. love the print on this sweater! hopefully see you in tomorrow's link-up! :)

    1. Thanks for popping by Linsday! I have linked up and hope hope hope I can steal some time today to look at all the other posts!


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