Saturday 27 July 2013

Fair Wear

I have mixed feelings about exhibition fairs.  Ever since I worked as a clown at the Calgary Stampede Kids' Country tent eons ago, fairs have lost their allure.  (I was a terrible clown by the way; "I'm a friendly clown not a magic clown;" they walk away disappointed.)  However, my kids and my husband LOVE the fair!  My husband forgets words like "budget" and shells out the bucks to try games and have a good time.  Not such a terrible quality in a dad I suppose!  I do love all the free and educational stuff for kids and we spent the majority of our time this year at K Days taking it in.  We went specifically went to see Will Stroet and his Backyard Band perform - look for my review on This Bird's Day (thanks for having me, Sheri!).

Though some women are apparently quite comfortable going to the fair in platform 4" wedges and crop tops, I went for functionality!
Orange chinos $3, Striped top $4.20, Fossil bag $5.60 all from VV Boutique

This ensemble was comfy for the windy day outdoors and the orange pants help my kids to spot me in the crowd!  Shoes are a hard call.  I personally refuse to wear runners or sports sandals, but my other summer shoes aren't comfortable for lots of walking on concrete and my TOMS (from before my second-hand adventure started) are almost disintegrated.  Luckily I recently scored these cute sneakers, unworn, from VV Boutique ($11).  
Basically, I was wearing kid haute couture.

I consider these summer activities test-runs for our upcoming trip to Disneyland at Christmas.  What shoes will we need?  What bag will be best?  I'm perseverating thinking about it a lot.
 I now know to expect fair prizes to feature prominently in photos whether I like it or not.
As I was saying, here I am with the Prize Unicorn to which I am now called "Grandma."

We were all exhausted but had a great day!  Turns out fairs are awesome for creating memorable scenes of summer family fun!

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  1. Looks like the perfect outfit for the fair - you look ready to take on Disneyland!!!


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