Monday 31 March 2014

Pinspired March Recap

This has been a fun month!  I have enjoyed perusing Pinterest, getting fresh styling inspiration for my thrifted pieces or finally taking the time to put together some of the looks that I pinned ages ago.  And yes, it's given me an outlet for my Very Serious Posing Techniques.  Here is a recap of the VV Boutique Style Pinspired March looks from the blog and Instagram:

Do you have a favourite pinspired look?  I'm finding it surprisingly hard to select a favourite; I love all my clothes!!  They're each special in their own way.  Buuuutttt if I had to choose, I would say...
I loved the spring vibe of the floral pants; can't help it, I'm filled with longing for spring!  I reached for them several times this month and only held back because I wanted to give other pins a fair shot.

The "fan" favourite according to the highly scientific data of most Instagram likes was...
Conclusion of Pinspired March: I loved how looking at pins truly inspired me to put things together that I otherwise wouldn't have considered.  I am going to keep using Pinterest as a modern-day mannequin for my thrifted treasures - maybe not every day but when I do, I will give credit where credit is due!  And if Heidi Klum copies me one day, I expect the same courtesy.

Spring Break Spring Trends

Yippee! It's Spring Break!
Winterscape Spring-scape at Bitter Bittern Lake

Sigh... Despite the snow, I am thinking about Spring trends. Mostly, I'm wondering if I will ever be able to wear skirts without tights... but I'm also wondering which Spring 2014 trends I will find at VV Boutique. Contrary to popular belief, thrift shopping does not mean you'll be behind the times, that you'll only find last Spring's trends.  I have proved time and time again that I am able to find on-trend pieces while they're still on-trend. Thrifted prices, in fact, are the perfect way to try trends!  Then, if you don't like it, you haven't wasted many hard-earned fashion dollars and if you do like it, you can brag to all your friends about your amazing deal!

Here is what's on my radar for spring... okay okay, I admit I've already found some spring pieces so I'll share what I've got and what I'm still hunting for!

1. Crop tops - if they're good enough for Vogue, they're good enough for me.
 Adding a belted cardi makes it work appropriate.

2. Bwahahahahaha!  That's my early April Fool's Day joke on you.  There is no chance you will catch me in a spring midriff top.  That ship sailed some time ago.  I suspect this trend will be for a select few, but don't think that you can't be stylish if you wouldn't be caught dead in don't like some trends.  Paying attention to what you like, what makes your heart happy is what helps define your personal style.  Personal.  Key word there.  Carrying on...

3. Bomber jackets - I snagged a couple bomber jackets to wear to the soccer field when spring nights can get a bit chilly.  All of this was hypothetical as it turns out because a) snow and b) I dodged the bullet* when my kids had conflicting activities.  Nonetheless I can't wait to wear these beauties to the Starbucks patio or some such...
 "Vegan" bomber $5.60, floral bomber $5 VV Boutique

*I don't like watching soccer, sorry soccer moms

4. Floral mix - just in case, I bought 75 floral pieces to mix and match with stripes, other prints, statement tees, plain tees and everything in between.  I'm considering floral a neutral and going for it.
They are totally different florals so I *needed* them all.

5. Metallic as a neutral - I have already scored a pair of sandals and matchy-matchy coordinating cross-body bag and come to think of it I have two other pairs of summer metallic shoes.
Nina leather sandals $7.70 and bag $4.90 VV Boutique 

Still, if I chance upon a shiny pair, they'll be in my cart before you can say "gold!"  And then there's my latest designer find, a Michael Kors gold knit sleeveless!  
$4 of amazing at VV Boutique!

6. Midi-length skirts - this length makes wearing skirts to work practical for me.  And since capris are a no-go for my sponge-bob-square-pants peg-leg ankles, skirts are my solution for cooler clothing.
JM skirt $4.90 VV Boutique

7. Pastels - monochromatic, mixed or with a pop of primary, I plan to break out the pastels ASAP.
Pastels remind me of candy which is a win in my books.

8. Art prints - I don't exactly know what this is, but I think I'll know it when I see it.  Chances are someone is going to buy it, decide it's too bold and donate it right into my willing hands!
From the April issue of In Style

9. Light wash ankle-crop denim skinnies - preferably with a higher rise, if I'm ordering.  Believe it or not, Forever 21 makes a pant that is surprisingly forgiving in the rise.  But if I find J Brand, that'll do too.
I love you J Brand, but I would have to save a $231 pair of jeans for Splurge.

10. D'Orsay shoes - because I'm fresh out of shoes, I will be keeping an eye out for these.  Mostly so that I can say "these are my d'Orsay shoes" and sound all chic and impressive.
I'm not fussy about colour, heel, or details but something like these would be quite nice...

11. Colourful sunnies - I have a high attrition rate for sunglasses, as does every mother.  I think...  Is it me?  Dang.  Anyway, I lose sunglasses easily and am therefore unwilling to splurge on a pricey pair and there's no need since VV Boutique has a decent selection.  I already scored a functional black pair and now want something with bold colour!

12. Elevated sweatshirts - interesting prints, embellishments or other details take a comfy favourite and make it stylish!  It's good to go with those floral bottoms, over a dress, with jeans, with work trousers... I have one and I want more!
Props to my thrifting partner Shannon for finding me this $5 beauty from VV Boutique.

13. Navy - Navy is apparently "the neutral" for spring (says Shirely Borrelli for one) and considering it's not black and it gets along with every other colour, I am keeping my out for navy pieces to join my other navy friends:
$5.20 ruched and $9.10 J Crew from VV Boutique

There you have it!  Stay tuned to see how I style these spring pieces over the next few months and how my spring hunting goes!  To easily connect with VV Boutique Style, just look to the top right and *BE AMAZED* by my new social media buttons.* 

*I am not a tech person.  Nothing makes me feel forty faster than trying to figure out computer code.  Thankfully I had some virtual help from Christina at I Gotta Create and the video tutorial by Emily of Blogaholic Designs.  Nonetheless it took me longer than I care to admit to get my buttons to work so you better stop and admire them.  Thank you in advance.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Mint and Mustard

Despite the lack of blogging this week, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I've not only been keeping up my Pinspired March project, but also have been killing the posesTake that however you will.  Today I finally gave up on going bare-legged in March and decided to wear tights with an Elisa Nalin look that I pinned way back:
Pin from this lovely compilation of Elisa Nalin looks...
Sorry Elisa, you know how much I love you, but if I try a head scarf I will instantly age 10 years.

As soon as I saw this pin, I knew my French Connection mint cardi and mustard high-low dress would be perfect for replicating the look.  I do have shoes like Elisa's (but worse), but they're my wedding shoes from 1999 and are now in the dress up bin where they belong.  Instead, I threw on tights, and if it's going to snow and be freezing on March 27, I'm going to go with winter hounds-tooth. Sigh. 
Maybe one day my 6yo will be known for his angled photographic style... 
His name is Ansel so that should give him some photographer cred right there.

I was pleased to have the chance to wear these $2.10 thrifted earrings.  They have a vintage lady-like vibe and are similar to minty happiness from Modcloth (for $13!!). 
YES you can thrift earrings.  Just clean them with rubbing alcohol!

Despite the tights, it was a good outfit for my last day of work before "spring" break!!  Woot woot!  Before Elisa, before Pinterest, Before Thrifting (BT), I would never had paired these pieces or these colours!  But I am happy I did!    
$9.10 French Connection cardi, $13 mustard dress, $4 fuchsia belt, $2.10 earrings all from VV Boutique
Tights and Miz Mooz pumps from my closet

Friday 21 March 2014

Casual Friday Formula

I don't work every Friday, but when I do, I want to be careful how far I push the limits of "casual Friday."  I like a polished casual Friday more than a yoga-pants casual Friday and, after years of watching What Not To Wear, I concur that a blazer really does elevate an outfit.  Before thrifting (BT), I basically had one interview blazer and never wore it for fear of wrecking it.  After thrifting (AT), I have several blazers ranging in price from $3 for my London Fog lace to $9 for my Banana Republic print.  My guesstimate for the priciest blazer regular retail would be my beloved Lida Biday wool silk charcoal beauty which I scored for $4!  My point: for anyone hesitant to take WNTW's advice because blazers are just too fancy for your everyday life, thrift your blazers!  Then, you can wear them any old casual Friday and feel great about it...

My casual Friday look was inspired by this pin which had a great fashion formula for casual Fridays:  bright blazer + cargo skinnies + printed top + statement necklace.  I love me some fashion formulas!  Helps me so much when I'm brushing my teeth and running around late and naked and trying to figure out what to wear.
Ann Taylor cargos $6, gifted mustard blazer but originally $5 thrifted, polka dot top $3.60, Clarks she-booties $10
all from VV boutique
Necklace $1.50 from Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Necklace and bracelets from She Does Create
Today, my 6yo photographer felt that the angled shot was the aesthetic thing to do.

That style formula seems pretty straightforward to me.  Swap jeans or skinnies for the cargos, add a longer print top to get the short over long over skinny formula going on, swap a pendant for a statement necklace... the possibilities are endless!
Swap booties for the sandals pictured in the pin.  Because "spring" where I live is -15degrees.

Do you have a Casual Friday Formula?  If it's yoga pants, click here.  If not, what's your go-to?! 

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Colour Neighbours

In case you missed it, something pretty cool went down last night on Twitter.  I learned that VV Boutique Style has been nominated for a Yeggie!!  The Yeggies are awards "created to recognize and celebrate outstanding social media content creators in the capital region."  There are several awesome categories and so many great nominees that I just want to skip work and click around and read everyone!  VV Boutique Style is nominated in the Fashion & Style category and I am so honoured and thrilled!  There are many great local fashion bloggers and I am happy to be counted among them!  My goal for VV Boutique Style is to experience JOY in this wonderful hobby and all its aspects - the technology learning, the style evolution, and of course, oh of course, the joy in thrifting!  Everything else that has come along with this adventure is gravy, or frosting, or gravy then frosting if you have PMS; it's a bonus.  The Yeggies are a bonus, whichever Tribute is the victor.  Wait....

Naturally I couldn't sleep as I laughed at my own inventive hash-tagging (#yeguterus was funny for at least 2 people including me), contemplated my red carpet ensemble (will there be a red carpet?  There better be because this is likely my only red carpet opportunity.  I'm going to give each of my kids a flash camera and plunk them in front to build up the paparazzi experience; getting my needs met, that's what that is booyah...), and selected my Pinspired March outfit for today...
Vintage red blazer $3, black denim $6, pink blouse $3.50, Cole Hann bag $8 all from VV Boutique
Shoes and accessories from my closet

I was pleased with the end result!  My colour muse Elisa Nalin loves red and pink, and I love wearing bold bright clashy colour neighbours together!  The neutral shoe is a nice twist on basic black and made me feel like spring is here even though there is tons of snow yet.
I also love that my Pinterest "research" is leading me to great blogs like A Fashion Love Affair by Vancouver blogger, Cara!  Can't wait to browse through her site too!
My 3yo photographer declared this photo of my ponytail "the best" and who's going to argue with a 3yo?  Not me.  

I also love love love taking these pins and recreating them with thrifted pieces!  Cara's original outfit may be beautiful, but my $20.50 thrifted version is AWESOME!  It's another example of how you don't need a big budget to be fashionable or experiment with trends.  Go on, get to VV Boutique and pick up some colour neighbour pieces, throw 'em together and see what you think!
Action shot of me running...behind.

Sunday 16 March 2014

Goodbye Uterus (not mine)

Momentous occasions in life deserve some special recognition, and so it came to pass today that I had a wonderful opportunity to have one last VV Boutique thrifting adventure with my big sis ... and her uterus.  She is set for surgery this coming week to say adios to the whole kit and caboodle along with some other bits that aren't meant to be there (I certainly sound like a health professional right now, don't I?), and is prepared for several weeks of recovery, during which time thrift shopping will be low priority if not impossible.  She is my thrifting mentor and patient hunting companion on most of my personal shopping adventures, so I will certainly miss her presence and bossy quick fashion advice.  Sniff. 

The week ahead is quite busy and I won't even have the chance to see her let alone shop with her before surgery so imagine my delight to have an unexpected AWESOME thrifting opportunity present itself earlier today!  I had some time to kill so popped into the nearest VV Boutique and the wonderful and familiar fitting room attendant Dale shared not one but TWO invitations to tonight's friends and family 60% off sale! 
Yep, that means I went to VV Boutique twice today. AWESOME!

I see Dale all the time and she is always friendly, helpful and patient with my huge piles of potential treasures!  Thank you SO MUCH Dale for extending the invitation and giving me and Shannon the chance to hit the sale tonight!
Waiting for the doors to open!

It was a very successful thrift trip for us both!  Before I share what I got, let me share what I wore today for Pinspired March...
As inspired by this pin

You might call me a double-copy-cat considering my friend Chantel wore this very pinspirational look a couple weeks ago...
Looking good as always, Chantel!

And this morning, another friend and I inadvertently dressed, er, reciprocally...
I will always love you Randa... and your mustard cardi.

All I can say is that my friends have great style, and great minds think alike.  Back to the sale!  I got several awesome pieces including:
Tristan linen skirt $2.40, H&M dress $5.20 and Michael Kors sleeveless gold $4
Kristen Blake navy trench $6, Deane & White robe* $4 and new mint pants $2.40
These mint are a bit darker and a better fit.  So I totally needed them.
*I was just reflecting this morning that I've had one robe since 1999 and the other since 2005; 
for $4, an upgrade was in order.

Shannon got several pieces that will be comfortable post-op (there, now I sound like I'm straight from E.R.) and other treasures...
Every hysterectomy deserves a good thrift haul.
If they're going to put a mirror where you exit the tills, I'm going to take a selfie.

I didn't start my day thinking I'd get to see my sis or go to a great sale or finish the day looking at the full moon outside of Value Village...
It always seems to be right above the, er, video store at 9 o'clock.

This sunny Sunday was a gift!  Thank you Dale!  Thank you VV Boutique!  Thank you Shannon!  Thank you God!