Tuesday 11 March 2014

Floral Pants

If you follow me on Pinterest, you can probably guess what I wore yesterday for Pinspired March... floral pants.  I have had floral pants on my radar since Franish featured them in the 5 Days 5 Ways series, and I recently scored a great pair as part of my birthday gift for $6.40 from VV Boutique.  I had plenty of pinspiration to choose from but wanted a work appropriate look so I followed the styling tips from this pin...
Exactly the same, right?

Okay, I sorta followed the tips by pairing my floral pants with a matching colour top ($2.50 VV Boutique) and my version of "standout heels" that I could work in all day...

I tried a structured jacket and it felt too stiff for the soft look I was going for.  Or for my current level of softness that I'm embracing for lack of a better option.  So instead I chose a soft Merino wool cardi ($7 VV Boutique) and added She Does Create accessories plus a $1.50 necklace from Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe.  
Leaf earrings.  I am oh-so-punny.
Flowers, leaves... get it?  Oh fine.

Here are two more of the pins that generally inspired my selections...
You had me at Anthropologie.

I received several compliments on my floral pants so I will surely take advantage of my many pins for future wears.  Meanwhile, these pants remind me of my VV Boutique Style blog mission: to illustrate that stylish pieces can be found at thrift stores, not just second-hand no-good cast-offs.  Thrifted finds plus Pinterest inspiration means that the average woman can replicate fashion looks on the cheap.  You don't have to be rich, young or size 2 or get any sleep or have a photographer over the age of 3 to explore your style and ultimately express your style. 
Find your (p)inspiration then go for it! 


  1. Oh, I love it! Love that look a lot! :)

    1. Tks! I think you need floral pants and a tulle skirt!! Time to go shopping!

  2. Love your outfit! Colors perfect and love the plain top with flowered pants! I found a beautiful flowered lined jacket at VV which I plan to wear with plain bottoms.Also faux leather jacket in camel. Wonderful shopping at 50% off.


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