Thursday 13 March 2014

Spot the Differences

I hear from a lot of women that they tend to go into a store and use the displays and mannequins to put looks together because they are just not sure what "goes."  Unfortunately, this strategy won't work if you're thrifting!!  That's where Pinterest comes in - you can look to Pinterest for style examples, pin them, then hunt for similar pieces and recreate the looks on the cheap.  That's what March is all about here at VV Boutique Style - copying Pinterest looks using thrifted finds!  Pinterest is your mannequin!

My outfit today is a good example of how you don't have to create an exact replica...
Pinspired by this pin.

Now let's play a little game of "Spot the Differences" (er, not including size, photography skill, age, or hairdo).  She wore denim, I wore $4.20 navy Gap skinny cords.  She wore an emerald blazer, I wore a $7 teal blazer.  She wore a ruffled blouse, I wore a $2.50 tuxedo pleated blouse.  She wore leopard print shoes and belt, I wore snakeskin.
The belt is real snakeskin $2.10, shoes are not - $3 from VV Boutique.

Despite our differences, I think this was a successful Pinspired look! 
Gave me a chance to wear some fave She Does Create pieces.

Now spot the similarities!  We are both happy women in good outfits - only mine is undoubtedly cheaper so now I'm all smug and superior.  Sorry, whoever you are.  
Three cheers for bare feet!

Kidding!  I'm just happy to have awesome and plentiful options in my wardrobe, pins to keep me inspired, and reasons to think about mannequins and 80s movies.  If you're my age, you know which one I'm referring to.  If you're a baby younger and haven't seen it, it is high time.  The end.

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