Wednesday 5 March 2014

Tulle Went to School Today

Every day this week, I've combed through my VV Boutique Blog Inspiration Pinterest board before choosing my work outfits.  Every day has been ... interesting.
Monday morning look inspired by this pin and the excellent blog Outfit Posts.
Cardi and accessories from my closet
I am officially tired of socks but it is still bitterly cold so I had no choice but to bootie up.  
Then, I was surprised to realize I am lacking a plain old black skinny belt.  Then, I realized I really wanted a crisper cobalt colour.  Siiiggghhhh.  Woe is me and my first world problems.
I ended up untucking and going with flats for a more preppy relaxed look.

The next day, I made the mistake of not pre-meditating my outfit.  So Tuesday morning it took me almost 45 minutes of recreating every outfit from my Pinterest board, then deciding none were weather-appropriate, only to finally come up with one of my most basic outfits ever. 
Inspired by this pin by Shop Ruche.
Gold pants $3 from Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe, sweater from clothing exchange, $6 flats from VV Boutique.
At least the pants were gold...
My Anthro foxy necklace was a gift from my friend, bracelets from my closet.

After that dressing debacle, I planned ahead for this morning and knew I wanted to wear my new thrifted tulle skirt, $7 from VV Boutique.  However, which way I ended up wearing it was a game-day decision...
Paired with a casual hand-me-down sweatshirt as inspired by this pin by Inspired Design, or...
Mixed with stripes and mustard as inspired by this pin by Cleverly Yours.
Mustard cardi $2, gifted thrifted sequins flats
Necklace by She Does Create and black Flatter:Me! belt

In the end, I based my choice on an Anthro example and tulle styling tips by blogger Merricks Art who recommended wearing tulle with a fitted top, pairing it neutrals (stripes plus a finishing layer), keeping pairings casual and adding a statement necklace...
And so it came to pass that tulle went to school today.

I felt totally comfortable bum-scootching and animal-walking on the floor and doing all my regular professional stuff.  There was a near-disaster with velcro but I caught it just in time; workplace hazard.  I still like the sweatshirt pairing and see that as "weekend tulle."  Before today, I didn't differential my tulle terms at all.  Look how far I've come.
I will be glad when the weather finally warms up and I can wear the 75 Pinspired outfits I have in the queue!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Yes I was pleasantly surprised!! Thrifting is a great way to try trends without spending too much! How about we see a farmer in tulle!!?! Now that would be fun!

  2. Great idea using your Pinned favourites. All the outfits look great on you.

  3. Love, love, love the tulle skirt outfit! Totally love it! So cute. Now I want one! ;)


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