Sunday 2 March 2014

Pinspired March

Grab 'n Go Style throughout the month of February taught me some valuable lessons.
  1. Even though some pieces can stay in my closet year-round, they can't be worn in winter.
  2. I don't like vests.
  3. To style a "problem piece," mix it with a contrasting colour or pattern.
All very valuable and made the whole experience worthwhile.  But I'm glad the month is done and my hubby is glad I won't be asking him for any help whatsoever in selecting my outfit for the day.  Men.  I will file away that for use in summer... "remember how much you "liked" helping me with outfits, well...."

I am ready to put some more planning into my outfits, maybe only while I brush my teeth that morning but nonetheless, when it's -40 degrees like today, I want to plan around my warmest clothes.  Or else move to Hawaii, but that's less practical.  Specifically, I want to actually do more with my Pinterest pins than pin!  I want to recreate some of the looks that I've pinned.  Many style bloggers do this on a regular basis; nothing wild and crazy about the idea, just a matter of being intentional about it.

I have several Pinterest boards related to fashion and style...
But the one I'll be referencing in March is my VV Boutique Style Blog Inspiration Board.  First up for the first of March was a look inspired by my Thrift Guiding client Molly and her Pinterest boards!  (had so much fun with Molly and shall blog all about it later!)  Molly had many pins with plaid and belted cardis, so....

There are many many belted cardi plaid looks on Pinterest but I was drawn to the mustard...
Miz Mooz boots from my closet and belt free with thrifted floral top
She Does Create earrings and bracelets

As I look back at pictures, I'm very pleased with myself and my successful copycat rendition!  If you want to join me in the fun, copy my copycat or your own pinspiration then send me selfies, tweet me outfits, tag me on Instagram or follow my Pinterest boards!  I love it all! 
 This is going to be a fun month!

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  1. So what I'm hearing is...I have permission to spend MORE time on social media? Well then, count me in! :)


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