Monday 31 March 2014

Pinspired March Recap

This has been a fun month!  I have enjoyed perusing Pinterest, getting fresh styling inspiration for my thrifted pieces or finally taking the time to put together some of the looks that I pinned ages ago.  And yes, it's given me an outlet for my Very Serious Posing Techniques.  Here is a recap of the VV Boutique Style Pinspired March looks from the blog and Instagram:

Do you have a favourite pinspired look?  I'm finding it surprisingly hard to select a favourite; I love all my clothes!!  They're each special in their own way.  Buuuutttt if I had to choose, I would say...
I loved the spring vibe of the floral pants; can't help it, I'm filled with longing for spring!  I reached for them several times this month and only held back because I wanted to give other pins a fair shot.

The "fan" favourite according to the highly scientific data of most Instagram likes was...
Conclusion of Pinspired March: I loved how looking at pins truly inspired me to put things together that I otherwise wouldn't have considered.  I am going to keep using Pinterest as a modern-day mannequin for my thrifted treasures - maybe not every day but when I do, I will give credit where credit is due!  And if Heidi Klum copies me one day, I expect the same courtesy.


  1. LOVED this! :)

  2. I desperately need a pair of floral pants now! I love the month end recap post of all your looks in one place.

    1. Thanks! I wonder if it would be as interesting without the Pinspiration - what do you think?

    2. Yes it would be...a scrapbook of the fashion month. A visual list. I know I have you at "list"....


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