Wednesday 2 April 2014

Looking Lucky Fashion Challenge - Local Love

I was all set to use April as my excuse to emulate Anthropologie looks with my thrifted finds, for the primary reason that they both start with A.  I'm very out-of-the-box that way.  Then, I came across another great style challenge by Sarah's Real Life and her local collaborator Brandi of Lucky B Boutique.  They have come up with 10 spring trends and are challenging bloggers and Instagrammers to create 10 looks with those trends throughout the month of April - the "Looking Lucky" fashion challenge.  Sounds awesome, right?!  I thought so too till I read "cropped" as one of the trends.  Nu-uh.  I already made it clear that will not be happening, then Sarah gently assured me that the whole dang point is to interpret the trends... Fine.  But if I end up scaring the Internet away from having children with my cropped post, don't say I didn't warn you.

So.  Looking Lucky isn't just about "looking" trendy or the "Lucky" B Boutique; by participating, you have a chance to win gift certificates!  For full details, check out Sarah's invitation to participate, and be sure to tag and hashtag accordingly!  I'm sure you can hardly wait to hear the trends they've selected, so without further ado:
  1. Lace
  2. Pastel
  3. Floral
  4. Fringe
  5. Cropped
  6. Tribal print
  7. Local love
  8. Metallic
  9. Neon
  10. Geometrics
These don't line up exactly with the Spring trends I decided to explore but my creativity is already inspired and if I *have* to shop, so be it.  Sarah is pretty flexible (except when it comes to making 40yo women wear cropped tops but whatev) so you can tackle these trends in any order that suits you.  First up for VV Boutique Style is Local Love!  I will share my ensemble first then get gushy about my local peeps.
If you haven't already picked up on it, this blog is all about second-hand shopping.  I was hard-core in my first year and didn't shop regular retail all year with the exception of my favourite way to show local love - supporting my sister, Edmonton jewelry designer Shannon Ebbesen of She Does Create.  Thank goodness her stuff is gorgeous or I would be in big trouble.  ("Yes, I'd love to wear that on my blog... under my shirt....")  As it is, I routinely offer to "help" her and basically need a tee that says, "Will Work for Accessories."  Her stuff is artistic, unique, vintage-inspired yet contemporary.  I love it all.  There is always something new I want, and I am always thrilled to wear pieces that few if any will haveShe Does Create will be a regular vendor at the St. Albert Farmers' Market this year and at other fab sales and events, once she gets over the whole uterus thing.   
Today I wore a coral pendant necklace, arm party and earrings - 
what I like to call the She Does Create accessory trifecta of wonderful.

Of course, I don't show local love only to my sis.  I love that shopping second-hand at local thrift stores - whether the Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe, with all proceeds going directly to the Hope Missions, or Goodwill or Value Village or Salvation Army with their affiliated non-profit partners - benefits the local community.  I also love that I can find everything my little ol' heart desires second-hand.  That being said, this year, I am slightly more relaxed about my rules.  For example, last year, I just started my project one August day, hence was stuck with one pair of gray winter tights for 8 long months.  This year, I'm allowing myself to buy tights and a couple things (like TOMS) that I have never found second hand.  I also enjoyed using a birthday gift card to another local favourite, a small boutique in Beaumont called Virtu Boutique.  Virtu is amazing.  They have something for every age and style, designer denim, unique pieces and outstanding customer service.  They are a gem and I hope all women within a 100-mile radius shop there to ensure its continued success!  I tried on everything in the store, and finally decided on a sensible selection of C'est Moi Naturals bamboo cotton layering pieces - a black long sleeve tee, and the navy leggings and olive tank you see in this outfit.
I know, the olive tank is barely visible but without it, this dress would become a little risque for indoor playground.

The bamboo cotton pieces are light and comfortable and come in a range of colours.  Best of all, when you pull them down to get some decent smoothing coverage under another top, they stay put.  I might have to go back to Virtu Boutique for more!
I could go on and on about local love!  I love my Flatter:Me belts by Edmontonian Claire Theaker-Brown (psst, there is a new Espresso belt, swoon, and free shipping code!).  I love my local veggie supplier (without whom, I basically don't eat vegetables) Riverbend Gardens.  Overall, the local scene in Edmonton is strong and supportive.  There's even the Yeggies!!  Yeggies are awards all about local love, yours truly being one of the nomineesIf local love is a trend, then Edmonton is a trendsetter! 
 C'est Moi navy leggings and olive tank, gifted, via Virtu Boutique
Accessories by She Does Create
H&M dress $5.20, peach cardi $2, Hispanitas shoes $3.50 all from VV Boutique

I am excited thinking about the next trend I'll tackle for the Looking Lucky Fashion Challenge!  Thank you Sarah and Brandi for the great idea! 


  1. Pretty spring outfit! Now we just need to get rid of the rest of the snow! ;) We really do have a pretty amazing local environment! Makes me proud to be from Edmonton! :)

    1. Thanks Kim! My back up plan is moving to SoCal. Joint venture with the Teeushies to become famous actors, 'natch.

  2. Love, love love this outfit - screams Spring! And as Kimberly said, now to just get rid of the rest of this snow! I just got my first Flatter Me Belt, and I do love it (got the polka dot belt). May just have to get the espresso one next, and who doesn't love free shipping? :)

    1. Thanks for reading Amy! And for the outfit love! It's a pretty forgiving dress and I think I can even get away without leggings if I bend with some grace!

    2. And yay about your Flatter:Me! I gave away a polka dot one on Fashion's Night Out and now am sulking. I want brown and RED!

  3. This might be one of my all-time fav outfits! I can't wait to be recovered and perhaps get my own pair of leggings! Gorgeous as always…and I believe this is also Anthro-worthy.

    1. Wow! High compliment! Thanks! You had me at "Anthro"!


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