Sunday 27 April 2014

Looking Lucky in Neon Accessories

Some days don't go as planned.  Some Sundays you think you have everything under control - up early, nice breakfast prepared the night before, outfit planned, plenty of time to be on time for church for once.  Then you realize the top you planned to wear for the perfect neon outfit for the Looking Lucky challenge is festering in the washing machine, and plans unravel from there...  Enter Plan B.
Tristan and Iseut linen skirt $2.80, Kate Spade loafers $9.80 VV Boutique
Pink stripe top StyleMint $30
and YES I was late for church AGAIN

If you're thinking to yourself, "That's an awfully bad case of M.M.S."... I KNOW, okay!  Under highly stressful situations like having to find a backup outfit at the last minute, Matchy Matchy Syndrome can be a comfort.  Anyway, the jewelry goes a long way towards making up for second choice style!
I like the contrast of the gold fancy necklace with the casual top.

Guess who else has this exact necklace?  NO ONE!  That's the beauty of shopping local
Talented designers, great pieces, totally unique and stylish!
The cat would not leave the frame.  Camera hog!

The skirt is almost a neon hue in the right light but I think the accessories are enough interpretation of the trend for someone who wore full-on eighties neon before all y'all were born.  So there.
If I wasn't so old and tired I would dig out a photo of me in my neon the first time around.
It was something like this...

One day, when my originally-planned shirt is dry and the weather is warm and I can zip up my dress, I will share what I had planned to wear today.  My inspiration is on Pinterest - any guesses?!
 Meanwhile, this was a pretty good second choice for a great Sunday!

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