Saturday 5 April 2014

Looking Lucky - Tribal Print

For most people in the local fashion scene, this past week has been all about Western Canada Fashion Week.  There are actually two 8-day WCFW annually - once in the early fall and again in early spring.  I am impressed at how community-friendly the events and designers are, and the commitment to promote local talent.  It would have been interesting to take in some WCFW events to see how they translate for an average everyday working mother, but for me, this past week has been all about Spring Break - a week off with my kids hanging out in denim and chambray and trying to rejuvenate before the last few months of work and school.  For me, rejuvenation isn't just about sleeping in and relaxing; I find new goals and challenges energizing and so started the April "Looking Lucky" fashion challenge, tackling "local love" first.  Today, I embraced my inner Xena Warrior Princess... sort of... and tackled the "tribal print" trend.
Tribal print is most awesome in pink and red and mustard.

I wasn't exactly sure what we're calling "tribal" so turned to Pinterest to confirm my suspicions that anything remotely "ikat"-looking could be worthy of a #tribal. 
FYI I keep holding my cardi over because my waistline gets lost in the tribe.

I like tribal print.  I scored this top months ago and have been waiting for warmer weather to wear it.  Then I gave up.  I come across tribal print regularly while thrifting and have at least one other tribal print piece in my closet.  This tells me that this is not only a spring trend, but is a contemporary print that can be incorporated into different seasons.  This light sheer top is perfect for pretending it's warm out Spring.
I wonder if this got donated because of the boob-eye placement of the tribal diamonds...
Good thing I like boob-eye-prints.

I can't wait to ditch the cardi and let this pretty tribal top shine all on its own!
Hangin' in my crib with my crib.
Shoe battle.  
After the pics, I decided on my yellow quilted flats.  Just fessing up.

Between the shoe battle, the tribal print, the distressed denim, you can practically hear the Xena Warrior Princess battle call!  Thank you to the Looking Lucky challenge for encouraging me to reach for a tribal piece, spring or not!!


  1. I wouldn't have noticed the placement of the "boob-eye-prints". But now that you have mentioned it, I keep noticing them. Uhm the prints, not your boobs. ;)

    1. Well either one is fine. haha It's just funny to me how the print sometimes ends up highlighting certain features... Figure I'll call it out rather than have people wonder if I realize I have an Ikat chest!

  2. Yes! Trend #11: Ketchup and Mustard.

    You win!

    And now I just want to eat hot dogs. :)

    1. I like someone who sees food analogies in clothing, because I do it all the time. Just ask @shannoire! And now I need a hot dog.

    2. The first thing she said about the new colour of my kitchen was "I feel like I am wrapped in butter"...�� so it applies to everything....


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