Tuesday 29 April 2014

Metallic Momma

First things first.  I've noticed a distinct slow down in blog traffic.  I was pretty sure it's because I'm, er, in my "soft period" and then I got all indignant and was prepared to write a rant about how everyone is a jerk the "size" of fashion and beauty, and then today I learned something.  Just in time.  Apparently, there's a new Facebook policy and if you don't like or comment weekly, my Facebook posts won't show up in your news feed.  This is annoying and wrong on many levels IMHO and I'm tempted to rant about that instead...  VV Boutique Style vs. Facebook... pretty sure I'd win.  I'm not going to rant because I like to keep things positive (and NOT MANIPULATED, FACEBOOK!!!!!) so just take this news about Facebook FYI.  There are many other ways to connect if you like a slightly soft 40yo wine drinking OT mother-of-three thrifted perspective on fashion:
I use all these social media platforms for every post so don't feel pressured by Facebook, and I won't either.  Let's just proceed as usual, having our thrifted fashion fun!

The last trend in the Looking Lucky Fashion Challenge for me to tackle was metallic.  I am loving metallic pieces, love that fashion mags reiterated that metallic is the neutral for Spring!  I used to be a strictly platinum white gold silver girl, but I have seen the golden light!  I now love accessories and pieces in all metallic awesomeness!  Today, I wore a golden Michael Kors sleeveless knit to work...
 Michael Kors top $4, pleated stripe midi skirt $4.90, Roberto Capucci gold leather sandals $4.90 all VV Boutique.
Oxmo black cardi from my closet.

Like any knit, this top was a bit tricky to style over my lovely lady bumps.  Then I decided I didn't care.  I have some curves and if Michael Kors made a piece that would hug 'em, so be it.
I had a necklace on earlier in the day and took it off to, er, shop because fresh out, then forgot to put it back on.
Notice - no snow!  No coat!

I loved the pieces of this outfit!  The diagonal stripes with the vertical pleats, the netting on the shoes, the sparkle of the top...
This top sparkles more than Edward in the sun.

Today I had a very old and experienced photographer...
I don't know where he gets his serious posing from...
Family of V.S.P. (very serious posers)

Back to business: take a moment to admire these shoes...
So unique and pretty, and perfectly on trend at such an amazing price!!

B.T. (Before Thrifting), I likely wouldn't have considering buying Italian leather gold sandals.  Now, for for less than a latte, I can enjoy the trend with quality pieces. 
What are you waiting for?  Time to go thrifting!


  1. I really do love that outfit! The shoes are so pretty…I was recently reflecting on my ever-growing shoe collections, however I feel completely okay with having more than 5 pairs of shoes for every occasion as most of them were thrifted.

    Also, never be afraid to mix metals. This is something I have always embraced, especially after is was endorsed by Gucci in the 80s with their much-coveted-at-the-time-and-felt-incredibly-stylish-when-I-was-given-one watches that had colourful bands for the face.

    Is it wrong to thrift every day?

  2. Awwwww, don't worry about web traffic. She's a fickle mistress indeed. Mine has dramatically slowed down as well. Maybe the nice weather has prompted people to get away from the web and go outside? Who knows. All I know is that anytime you post, I'm here reading it. Hugs!


  3. I wanted to give a special shout out to your photographer…he did a very awesome job!

  4. I read that (about traffic via facebook) on another site ... you're not the only one. Sorry :/


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