Monday 7 April 2014

Looking Lucky - Crop Top

If you read the title of this post as an oxymoron, we are thinking alike.  It's no secret my love for the crop top Spring trend is, er, limited.  I outright asked Sarah, the beauty and brains behind the Looking Lucky Fashion Challenge - for a trend swap.  She didn't waiver, so when she turns 40 and has a few kids under her belt, I'm sending her a crop top and a 3-year-old photographer.  Meanwhile, I did my best to embrace the challenge.  I found the croppest-top in my closet and gave it a go in a new way.  This may not be my best outfit ever, but I TRIED.
Tights and Ice Breaker skirt from my closet
Lego model of the Petronas Twin Towers by my awesome 8yo.

I followed styling advice from Sarah and In Style to pair a crop top with a higher-waisted bottom and layer a shirt under it.  Zero-chance-of-skin was exactly what I was going for.  The top has a boxy cut which is forgiving and translates better IRL... at least I hope so. 
I'm not a rectangle in real life.
 My She Does Create vintage-jar pendant makes everything better.

I admit, I kind of liked the layering and felt just a smidgen hip and youthful.  Of course, using the word "smidgen" automatically cancels out any youthfulness.  Sigh.
The blurry selfie surprisingly captured the vibe of this outfit.

Cropped tops won't make the top of my thrift hunting list, but at least I now know I don't need to recoil in horror at the thought of them.
I braved the crop top and survived.  FTW!!!

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  1. I think you were very brave to take on the crop top challenge. I enjoy the mix.


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