Friday 18 April 2014

Looking Lucky - Fringe

I am aware that the fringe "Spring" trend is showing itself in some cool pieces, but when I woke up to yet more snow, I decided to go with gray fringe for my gray mood about the not-so-Spring day.
Mark bag $10 VV Boutique
Me standing in a snowbank.

I actually bought this bag ages ago at the first VV Boutique Styled Fashion's Night Out so I'm not sure if I was ahead of the trend or if it came and went and came again.  Meanwhile it has enjoyed temporary custody with Auntie for the better part of two years and recently came home to spend some time with Mommy.
I'm looking with disgust at the snow, and it doesn't even seem to care.

I have everything in that bag - a laptop, day timer, coffee, make up, wallet, candy.  That's pretty much everything, and there was plenty of room for more.  It really is a great bag and I bet it will look super cute with a light dress or shorts and a tee...
Bet this bag would look good with a green background, though I'm starting to doubt it will ever come.

One benefit from the weather is that I had a reason to wear my thrifted fleece-lined leggings and basically will never take them off until I see green grass.  These leggings were in new condition and were $1.50 which makes them that much more awesome.
Leggings, I know we just met, but I'm ready to move to a monogamous (seasonal) relationship.

And the dress - thrifted for $8 from VV Boutique - is a miracle worker.  After Good Friday church, my family went on our way to Grandpa's farm and ate from-scratch hot cross buns, turkey dinner and all things nana-y.  Yet, I came home, turned to the side and looked surprisingly svelte.
I don't understand it, I don't question it; I just quickly went and had some of my kids' Easter chocolate.

I did style the dress a little differently, wearing it more like a jumper with a black long sleeve C'est Moi Naturals bamboo cotton top. 
You couldn't tell under my winter coat, but this combo looked like a one-piece dress and was comfy cozy!
The weather forced me into a bathroom selfie.

I'm going to keep my eye out for cool fringe pieces and meanwhile take heart knowing that a good bag somehow helps a gray day!

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