Monday 14 April 2014

Looking Lucky - Florals and Stripes

Once a week the weather is nice enough for bare legs.  Today was my lucky day so I used it to have another go at the Looking Lucky Fashion Challenge floral trend look.  I liked my former floral - liked the muted colours and the unique sweatshirt but I have been itching to do something *totally* unique and wear stripes and florals and midi length all at the same time:
Striped top $2.45, vintage floral skirt $3.50
Belt $3.50, shoes $5.60
All from VV Boutique

I was pleased with the results!  Shop Ruche calls florals + stripes "effortlessly chic" and that works for me!  In this age of pattern mixing, stripes are a safe bet to mix with almost anything.
 People worry about wearing horizontal stripes.
I say, it confuses your visual perception* and can actually camouflage problem bodies areas.**

*Linking occupational therapy to fashion since 2012.
**If this is not true, don't tell me.  Let me live in happy ignorance.

As for the skirt, the mix of colours was irresistible!  This skirt is actually a vintage petite, likely meaning some short old lady wore it as a mid-calf "long" skirt in the late 80s, but it works just fine on me as a midi-length just below the knee.  AND it has pockets to hold my old lady tissues and hipster mom smart phone.
I'm not going to lie.  
Despite the forgiving length, there's a 45% chance I accidentally flashed the preschool roster mom today during Duck Duck Goose.  
Hazards of the job.
My arm party action consists of a custom Liz Lamoreux piece, She Does Create piece and VV Boutique piece.

Somehow this floral look felt a little more like my style - maybe it was the brighter colours or the stripey awesomeness.  In any case, it made my Monday a little less Monday-ish and that works for me!
See you again soon floral skirt with pockets!


  1. I really like the strip & floral combo. Now I'm trying to think what I have in my closet that would work to pull together this kind of look. Except now I'm looking out my window at snow again. Yuck! Maybe have to wait a couple more days...! :)

    1. Next week! Then we are golden for bare legs for the next few months, I hope! You could definitely pull this off!! And if you are lacking a striped top, time to go shopping! Your closet needs some filling!

  2. I think you look gorgeous in this outfit! I never feel I can pull of mixing patterns, but you do it most-awesomely! ;)

    1. Why thank you! Make me blush! I bet you could do it. Just take a striped top and pair it with any other print. It works. Go forth with attitude (and coffee never hurts!).


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