Friday 31 August 2012

News Flash

Something happened today that hasn't happened in three or so years...

I bought bras.  

Three years...  I know, there are women out there that are aghast right now.  I am too.  I honestly don't know how it happened, but reflecting back, I think I was just too busy with my third baby nursing all the time that I didn't even buy a new nursing bra!  (She's 2 now.)  Then I was so happy to fit into my old bras that I was content...  Until I was shamed out of my contentment looking at my sad bosoms (they deserve that term) in the posts till now.  So, tonight I seized my moment and hit Victoria Secret, got measured (36D - wha???!!) and boom.  Four new bras in 20 minutes , including a push-up; even though I told the tiny clerk I didn't need any help in that department, it turns out my 'bosoms' became 'girls' with a little assistance.  I think the photography is going to improve from here on out.

They do sell bras at VV Boutique but that crosses a line in my books.  Also, after some quick math, I realized the long-overdue new bras would have cost me 25 cents a day had I bought them three years ago, so the exception was warranted!

Unfortunately, I did not have my new bras for today's VV Boutique photo shoot, but that's okay (I tell myself) because it is a drapey easy-to-wear top that I absolutely needed for this insane day:

Cleo top $7 VV Boutique, Gap denim skirt circa 2004
bracelet gift from my sis ages ago

I love this top.  The colours are so pretty and will work with many pieces in my closet!  The fabric is light, not wrinkly and washes well.  I would have paired it with the cobalt belt I wore the other day, but I didn't want to be featured in the "she really loves her ____!" tabloids... Can't have my fame peak too early.  The hemline is elastic and though it sounds hideous, it reminds me of this look:

miranda kerr photo 
Miranda Kerr featured on

I actually planned on the inaugural wear of my Cleo blouse to be paired with my fab J Brand jeans so I could look exactly like Miranda, but today was supposed to be hot.  Cleo and J will date soon, I promise!

I paired my George (please say in a French accent) yellow wedge t-straps with the ensemble.  Please appreciate my attempt at interesting posing (you're welcome for editing out the ones where I inadvertently flashed the camera.)  (It's harder than it looks and I have even more respect for Tyra and her gals.)

I have been up and moving non-stop since 6:30am.  Haircuts, babysitting, play dates, errands, more babysitting, more play dates, laundry, packing for the long weekend, more laundry, cooking, dinner guests, bra shopping, therapy, dishes, emails and I return back to work tomorrow morning bright and early.  I didn't have time to stop or fuss with my clothes.

And here I am midnight, Cleo still looking fresh and warmed up with an olive cardi. 

I felt like a movie star at Beaner's next to the other moms in their drab capri yoga pants and 'sports' wear tops, and I am willing to bet that I was just as comfortable AND that my ensemble cost a whole lot less than theirs.

Take that Yoga-Pant moms.

VV Boutique vs. Yoga Moms... Naw, it's not a competition (and besides, I would win)

Happy long weekend!  

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Four and Floral

In case you didn't know it, I am a real-live person living a real-live life that most of the time is not all about style.  Today was all about having a pal come for the day for fun and a sleepover (for my boys, to clarify!), and since my hubby was busy starting his new job (AMEN), that meant it was just me and FOUR kids.  The agenda included bowling, McDonald's, swimming, playing, Lego, movie, fun.  And wine.  (for me, to clarify!)  I wanted to wear some VV Boutique and needed something that could do all that - nothing too fussy, nothing too accessorized, and easy to get into in 30 seconds half-wet.  So, it was the perfect day for my floral tunic top.   

Floral top $7 VV Boutique, Cobalt belt $4 VV Boutique
Coral tank Winners $9, Old Navy shorts circa 2004
flip flops $6 with pedicure this spring

(swim bracelet and oddly flexed wrists just part of my modeling trademark look)

I love the combination of red and blue.  Or coral and cobalt.  Looooovvee.  I mentioned before that this top reminds me of one I almost bought from StyleMint before I started this adventure and was pressuring all my friends to sign up for StyleMint and all its awesomeness.  Still do that!  For $7 instead of the $40 I would have gladly shelled out for the Brooklyn tee (including shipping for us Canadians), this one also has a scoop neck, three-quarter sleeves, is super soft and has something special in the back...

I really love the lace detail, and I have noted that several of the StyleMint tees have lace backs or lace detailing.  

While bowling and swimming and keeping track of four children, I looked around and thought about what differentiates boring from stylish.  My ensemble today was nothing earth-shattering, but the lace back and belt added interest and, though my coral flip flops were more functional than fashionable, they were still better than sport sandals, or, egad, running shoes.  I considered just wearing a plain tee and then reminded myself that I don't need to "save" my clothes for a better occasion; this is my life and I want to enjoy my clothes every day:
 Self photography outside my sweet ride at McDonald's

Once the kids were snug in their beds, I looked at the StyleMint website to see how they styled the Brooklyn tee...  I love how StyleMint pairs unexpected items together and though I might not directly translate the looks into my life, they remind me to try different things together and spice things up!  Here is my shirt with a classic black pencil skirt and patent pumps:

    George black pencil skirt Walmart circa 2007
Black patent pumps circa 1994, necklace as bracelet $2 VV Boutique

I might not have paired such a "casual" shirt with a dressy skirt, but it looked good and felt sexy!  StyleMint also suggested pairing their floral with a printed skirt, so here's my take with what was available in my closet:

Gap skirt via clothing exchange 2006
Black patent sling-back pumps Winners circa 2009
Again, I wouldn't have paired these together without the inspiration from StyleMint, but I like it A LOT and would wear this to work (where I am on the ground, playing, painting, bending, doing animal walks, etc. - all part of my glamour).  Lastly, StyleMint suggested pairing the floral with your favourite coloured jeans.  Here is my floral with my only coloured jeans:

Yellow jeans Forever XXI $18, Grey necklace Avenue Clothing $19

I would accessorize the other looks as well, but this look shows the length of the shirt and was begging for a necklace. 

At this point, my photographer was getting ... distracted... and I learned something about our different perspectives.  While I was trying to ensure the clothing could be seen and a waistline remotely evident, he was making sure my boobs looked nice.  Thanks Hon.

Summary of the real-life day: I spent my day in my VV Boutique floral shirt with four awesome kids and here are four awesome looks with my VV Boutique floral shirt!

Friday 24 August 2012

VV Boutique-ANTM Mash-Up

I have a confession to make...  Despite being a 38-year-old mother of three, professional woman who loves good literature, I also love watching America's Next Top Model!  I have watched almost every cycle, from the very beginning (remember Adrienne and the serious one) to the high-gloss conglomerate it is today...  It is a guilty indulgence!  I set the PVR (for ANTM and Vampire Diaries, okay, two guilty indulgences), pour myself some wine and have some me-time.  I know I am not alone!  Put your hand up if you watched the premiere of Cycle 19 "The College Edition" tonight!  Can we say O.M.S.?!!  (Oh My Smize... ... ... ... Okay, I admit would wear the t-shirt.)

I set out to watch the premiere and find a look to emulate from my new VV Boutique stashToo bad I didn't think to pick up a string bikini bottom and ripped university tee because I would sure be sportin' that!  I did however note the trend, the 'model uniform' perhaps, of shorts and heels...  So here is my version, just a smidge different from the ANTM contestants:

Blouse $3 VV Boutique, Belt $4 VV Boutique
Shorts from Winners circa 2006
Vintage Iridescent Pearl necklace as bracelet

Let's talk about the blouse!  It has the pretty lace detail at the shoulders and ties.  It can be worn tucked or not, belted high or low...

Here it is, tucked.
 Belt low slung, crap self-photography.
 Tucked close-up... my self-photography improves with wine.

This is one outfit, same blouse, three ways.  Right there is a cost-per-wear of $1!!!!!  Amazing!  Those are my only work-appropriate shorts so that is why they made the mix.  I wanted to try the ensemble with another casual and shorter pair of shorts...

Shorts Old Navy circa 2004
I think it looks pretty good! 
I don't know how to best describe the belt.  It is like stretchy wickery awesomeness in perfect shape, just ready to adorn many outfits!  Perfect for the lazy last days of summer and early warm days of fall! 

Now let's talk about the rainbow shoes!
They are leather and are in great shape!  I would consider them "statement shoes" for moi, with a low-enough heel for a typical day.
And how much for this find??

So there you go.  VV Boutique - ANTM mash-up completed!

Wednesday 22 August 2012

VV Boutique Shopping Spree

The mood around here these days is ... suspended.  Things are almost settled, routines are almost here, summer is almost over.  So, a little shopping therapy was in order tonight.  Sure enough, I feel much better after a successful session where I almost spent $100 - but not quite!

 Nicole and Chambray outside VV Boutique with the bounty!

I scored some lace!  I found animal print and something for draping!  I've been stalking some floral at StyleMint and found a great alternative!!  I found a Banana Republic red-dot woven shirt with the tags still on!  Here is a breakdown of my awesome finds:
  • one dress shirt for my hubby
  • five tops for moi
  • four unique and awesome belts
  • TWO pairs of fabulous leather heels
  • one Matt & Nat bag
  • last but not least, a hockey tie for my youngest son (shhhh, we will tuck that away for a gift later!)
These shoes were smokin' hot but not very comfortable!

The grand total: $98 CDN!!!!! 

AND, I must mention for a special someone out there that every single item I bought looks fantastic with my yellow pants!  They are incredibly versatile and am I ever glad I got them before starting this whole adventure because I doubt I will see any coloured jeans at VV Boutique anytime soon, especially once ladies realize what I know: yellow pants rock.  Hold onto them, ladies, and wear them with everything!

I am so excited to get dressed tomorrow and start showing off my finds!  I am even excited to go back to work soon.  Stay tuned and see if you are as impressed as I am with VV Boutique!

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Fashion's Night Out... at VV Boutique!

A good day is defined as wearing your only fave chambray then changing into your towel dress....sigh.... just imagine the relaxing activities that went along with that!  Counting my blessings today, that's for sure!  So busy counting, I neglected to snap any photos, so here's my version of taking my Mexx linen dress into fall:

Pinned Image
Okay, I admit, I mostly wanted to play with Polyvore and scroll over the Frye boots as if I were touching them...!  See you in late 2013, Frye boots.

NB: if you already looked at this post, you will realize I've done a soap-opera switch.  I took out the Polyvore fall towel ensemble and put in the linen dress one.  I was just playing around but admittedly the print on that terry cloth jumper was a stretch, and I didn't want it to scare people away.. Just like daytime dramas, I expect you to just carry on as if nothing has changed.  Go.   

This post however has a very important purpose.  I have an idea.  Those who know me know I like a good project, and I absolutely love having a good reason to gather the people I love together.  This venture into style blogging has been so fun, interesting and educational!  For example, I had never heard of Maxi Monday, and I have found so many style blogs that I love to read and emulate, or just read and be entertained!  I believe in JOY and see it expressed in this genre a lot, and that makes me smile!  One of those things I only recently became aware of is "Fashion's Night Out."  Never heard of it?  Unless you live in a major metropolitan US city, you're not alone!  I suspect "FNO," as those of us in the know call it (!), will gain momentum every year and soon be an event celebrated by women everywhere.  Unfortunately for me, there are no FNO festivities going on within 500 miles.  That's okay because with my VV Boutique challenge, it would require extraordinary control to participate and resist temptation!  Still, boo.

Unless.... unless my friends would gather with me at VV Boutique on Thursday September 6th for our own little Fashion's Night Out party!  Why not?!!  The whole point of FNO is to have fun shopping!  Sure it would be nice to have wine and music and giveaways and Justin Bieber, but I would settle for a few friends or even just one sister to join me for a couple hours, latte in hand to see what VV Boutique has in store for us for FNO! 

Email me if you want to join me, or just show up if it happens to work for your schedule.  I will be at the South Side VV Boutique around 6pm or earlier if I can find a way to sneak out!  I will bring some enticing giveaways from major sponsors.  It will be worth your while I promise!  If you can't join me there, join me anywhere you can!  Go to the nearest VV Boutique, hit the mall, peruse Polyvore, or just enjoy a little on-line browsing!  I am certain that wherever you are and whatever you do, you can have some fun and feel the kindred spirits of joyful shoppers worldwide!

September 6th ... VV Boutique ... Be there! 

Monday 20 August 2012

Maxi Monday

I didn't know there was such thing as #maximonday but as soon as I read the tweet yesterday from Megan of Frugalista Diaries, I started planning....

It was a short planning session because I have only two maxi dresses (and no maxi skirts until one dares cross my path at VV Boutique) - one quite casual and the other more dressy.  I decided it was high time to test out the heretofore theoretical concept of wearing a "dressy" maxi dress for everyday mom life, on a hot day, doing errands such as buying school supplies and dying a slow painful death by Walmart.  Despite the well-established precedent (see another favourite Megan at Everyday Mom Style and the ladies from Ain't No Mom Jeans), I hadn't attempted to wear this maxi on an ordinary day...until today!  (Thank you for the round of applause I'm hearing in my head.)

Max Studio maxi dress $26 Winners

Let me share my inspiration behind this ensemble.  First the knot!  I would never have attempted this without the suggestion from ANMJ to change up the hem line.  YOU CAN DO THAT!  In their post, the knot helped to dress up the maxi and show off some awesome heels.  Here, I felt the knot made my maxi more casual and, er, allowed me to wear it with flip flops instead of heels without it dragging on the ground!

Second, the Frugalista Diaries' recent posts on maxi Monday and draping have been on my mind. This dress is pretty and comfortable all on its own ...

But, draping has been keeping me awake at night!  MUST DRAPE THIS DRESS SOMEHOW.  And then there's ANMJ and their suggestion back in April to layer a short dress over a maxi.  I didn't even have a maxi dress then, but the chic yet casual pictures kept popping to mind, begging for a chance to live in my real life.  Lastly, I wanted to somehow make the layered bodice of the dress (sounds very fancy, doesn't it) more casual.  So, today, I reached for my long loose StyleMint Violet tank to layer and drape and dress it down in one fell swoop.

StyleMint Violet Tank $40, bracelet $15 The Rock Shop at Invermere

Unless you have a wind machine follow you around to gently reveal the contours of your body, drapey and layered is simply not going to be the slimmest look.  I put my hands on my hips here to make sure you know they're there.  But really, I think we all get that, right?  We as women can all make a pact that says: "I know you've got curves Sister and they are glorious even if they don't show under your awesome layered maxi."  A mutual understanding, that's all I ask.

 Here the layered maxi reclines happily at Ikea after a gourmet meal.
Okay, I was really just admiring my bracelet.

Where does VV Boutique join Maxi Monday?  In my necklace of course!

 Necklace $2 VV Boutique

Remember this gem from my Linen dress and the towel dress on day one.  Are you counting, because I am and that makes 3 wears since I purchased the necklace on August 10th and a cost per wear of 70 cents already!!!!  That is good value, and I'm no where near done with this fabulous necklace!  Thank you VV Boutique necklace for being a part of Maxi Monday!

Sunday 19 August 2012

Jax It Up

I was so excited to finally wear my first VV Boutique "designer" find today!

Jax floral print skirt $7 VV Boutique
Gap tank $5, Gap belt circa 2000, George yellow wedge t-straps $19 Walmart 
*NB: Boobs in photo appear larger than they are.

I originally planned to wear this with my StyleMint Jessie striped t-shirt but it is scorching hot today so instead swapped in a Gap green striped tank, my favourite sandals and a few simple accessories (belt, black bead bracelet and silver hoops) since I was already running late for church.

I briefly reconsidered my ensemble since we planned for an afternoon at the huge wading park for a picnic and play, then decided there is no reason this skirt can't go everywhere with me.  Though it is a higher-end piece, it is cotton and hey, I paid $7!!!  Beats wearing an oversize tee and ugly shorts which appeared to be the uniform of many a mother there.  I can't seem to find a website for Jax but I believe it is a Canadian designer label known for a sleek tailored fit.  Back in the hunger days of 1992ish when I briefly tried modelling before realizing I was more than a walking hanger, I modelled Jax in a size 6!  This skirt is a size 12 and fits great!

I have no idea what year or collection the skirt is from, but I love the pattern and colours!  Black, white, pink, mauve, chartreuse, green, blush, orange, taupe - the outfit possibilities are endless - and all without looking too matchy-matchy.  I have a fitted mauve sweater and black boots that are just crying to go out with Jax once the cooler weather inevitably arrives!
Since I am a diva, I brought a second pair of shoes, $2 Old Navy flip flops.
And yes, those are crushed goldfish crackers to the right.  I lead a life of glamour.
The hem has a cute (but not girlish) detail of ric-rac trim, and the length was just fine for wading, splashing, sitting and relaxing without flashing anyone!  I suspect height is my side when it comes to VV Boutique.  I'm 5'8 1/2" tall so this skirt hits just at the knee.  A little longer and it would be mid-calf and potentially dowdy.  As it were, I felt Jax helped me transition from church to play to home and dinner and ... blogging!  Yep, I've still got it on - super comfy and still looks great!  I can't wait to search VV Boutique for some more gems like Jax!

Thursday 16 August 2012

Chambray Take One

Very exciting things happened recently.  Firstly, I got my VV Boutique Super Savers Club Card!  (These are words I never imagined I would say, with glee no less.)  Secondly, I discovered that this card enables you to get 50% off on Wednesdays if you spend $50 or more!!!  Let's just say you bought books; they are about $5 each, buy four get the fifth free... you could get TWELVE books for $25!!  I love to read and there was a great selection, so I will definitely be using my card for that soon!  AND there are other promotions and deals, like you get 20% off on your birthday.  I don't know all the details yet, but rest assured I will share as I learn!

Quite unfortunately, I had only 17 minutes last Wednesday to pop into VV Boutique and look around.  I was on the hunt for something with lace and chambray.  Oh chambray... I covet thee.  Well, the lace hunt revealed one dirty blouse (couldn't do it) and the chambray hunt revealed...

Talbots dark chambray $7 VV Boutique

No, I did not have time to try this gem on.  Yes, I was scared that by wearing Talbots I might instantly age 25 years...

Tonight, I had exactly 7 minutes to get ready including hair, make-up, clothes, and photos.  I knew that chambray was heading out with me one way or another and here's the way I managed in one minute:

Black dress from Winners $35 circa 2009, green pointy flats circa 2007
Flatter Me belt from C'est Cera $40

A word about my photographer... I love my husband but he is famous for taking great photos of moss and flowers.  Together, we are destined for fashion stardom.

I did manage to throw on some antique-ish chandelier earrings and my fuchsia bag added another pop of colour.  Not the most exciting ensemble but I dare you to come up with something better quicker!

I don't know if it was the open shirt, the belt or what, but two people complimented me on how good I looked so I call that a chambray success!

I am still on the hunt for a lighter chambray with a more tailored fit, but in the meantime I plan to use this incredible post as inspiration on how to wear my chambray.  Heather Smith of The Smith's Blog features TWENTY ONE different ways to wear a chambray shirt!  Are you inspired??  I sure am!  That is a lot of fun for $7 at VV Boutique!

The Linen Code

These are the last lazy days of summer for me.  I work in the school system and have the incredible blessing of summers off, so I have gotten into a rather lazy relaxed routine, and I'm reaching for clothes that support that attitude!  This Mexx linen dress fits the bill perfectly. 

It is like wearing a soft light comfy cozy sac!  Maybe it looks a bit sack-ish.  Well, it is a smidge too big and if I were paying full price at Mexx I might have bought a smaller size, but since I got it from VV Boutique for $11, I thought it was good enough.  It is so versatile - I can wear it with different coloured shirts and tanks, belted or no belt, with a long sleeve under and tights and boots.  (In other words, you will see it again)

Mexx linen dress $11 VV Boutique, Necklace $2 VV Boutique
Green Old Navy tank circa 2009, Shoes from Korea circa 1997
Part Two Belt from C'est Cera $67   

I admit my posing needs some help.  Like any good top model, I will practice on the runway in my living room. 

I don't think the photos do justice to how awesome it is!  The waist is dropped (which Stacy London tweeted was up and coming...yikes) and I wore the belt low slung which looked casual when I moved despite how it photographed thick!  I don't own any other linen because of the wrinkle factor, but I think there is an unwritten code amongst linen wearers; something like, "we know we are incredibly chic and likely in a hot oasis so we overlook the wrinkles and enjoy our awesomeness."

The dress is a neutral green khaki and the perfect template for accessories.  It was 4 degrees Celsius here this morning so I see some nice scarves and big earrings with the dress in the near future!  This necklace is looped twice and has great colours.  Love it! 

It was the perfect ensemble for my day of errands and chillin with the family.  I will say (sorry hubby) that while shopping in Walmart (like I said, "hot oasis"), I got some appreciative glances from men in uniform and I'm pretty sure it was the dress.  VV Boutique scores again!

Wednesday 15 August 2012

The A of ABC

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.  13 years of marriage - I'm pretty proud.  (even though that makes me old enough to be the mother of other style bloggers!)  We received a gift card for ... wait for it ... it's very romantic ... Tony Romas ... and hence that was our anniversary date destination.  (not at all romantic but beggars can't be choosers)  Still, I was determined to dress for my husband and remind him at least a little of what made his heart beat so long ago.  This is what I settled on:

VV Boutique Purple plaid button-down $6
Oxmo black tank $40, J Brand denim $115
Gap belt circa 2000, black patent heels circa 1994, Accessorize bag circa 2006
VV Boutique coat was a gift, necklace as bracelet was also a gift

Now, you may not think a plaid button-down shirt is very sexy but to my husband, it's the next best thing to naked.  His parents happened to be at our home when we left and even gave me the ultimate farmer compliment: "you clean up pretty good."

I realize this is not a revolutionary look, but the jeans are hot and I thought the belt and bracelet were nice touches that made my inexpensive VV Boutique shirt a little more stylish. 

Did I mention it was pouring rain?  Ahhhh, just like my wedding day!

In this learning curve of photographing ensembles, I did not capture a great shot of this coat, so let me tell you about it.  It has navy and white small checks, ruching on the sleeves, and cute details like ties and angled pockets.  It is nice and long with both a zip and easy-to-close snaps (sound awful, but they are cool), is water resistant, and has a draw string to adjust the look.  My big sis got this for me last spring from VV Boutique and was one of the first hints of the awesomeness available. 

All in all, the evening was great and my husband told me about a million times how beautiful I looked.  Thanks VV Boutique for the shirt I never knew I needed for my anniversary date!

Monday 13 August 2012

IRL (In Real Life, a term that we didn't use to have to specify)

Just came back from a weekend in the wild.

Sounds exotic and romantic, but IRL, "wild" means no cell service.  That didn't stop me from taking a few phone pics (since I neglected to charge my camera - also something we didn't use to have to do).  Here is the towel dress in its natural habitat:

For $6 you didn't expect Malibu, right?   Of note, my hubby dried his hand on my soft towely bum in order to snap this shot - stylish and practical.

Trying to capture the essence of the towel dress as a swimsuit cover and, for the first time ever, I got photo-bombed.  Who the heck is that guy?

Honestly, I was sooooo comfy.  I looked around at the two mothers nearby in their small bikinis ignoring their screaming wee infants and felt a bit smug.  Not in a bikini, nope, but able to sit cross-legged, read my book, play in the sand, wipe up ice cream and attend to my beautiful children.  That's what VV Boutique Style will get you.

Friday 10 August 2012

Style Blogger - bwahahahaha

10 reasons I find myself here:
  1. My husband lost his job.
  2. Shopping (even real boutique shopping) is cheaper than therapy.
  3. My big sis is an expert thrifter and offered to take me to VV Boutique for therapy.
  4. I scored a Jax skirt, Mexx dress, soft blacky mauvy plaid button-down (closest to chambray that day), two gorgeous necklaces AND a towel dress (go out in a towel, as clothes?!!  AWESOME) for $36.  Cdn.  Including tax.  I'm hooked.
  5.  I just had my turn in Splurge Sorority (more about that later, you're going to want to do it too) and got some great quality pieces (J Brand denim, fabulous belts, etc.) and I already have a good wardrobe of staples (good shoes, coats, etc.).
  6. I am interested in accessible fashion - recreating stylish looks with what is in my wardrobe or inexpensive substitutes.
  7. I am done having my wonderful beautiful three gorgeous children and finished WW (Weight Watchers) a few months ago.  I'm at a happy stable place in my size.  Stable = ranging from 8ish on a lucky day with a generous brand to 12ish on a fat day in youth or designer brands.
  8. My husband will get another job soon, but I have a strong desire to be a good godly steward of my blessings and to FPU it up and lower my consumer debt.  
  9. I work part-time in a casual environment and can pretty well wear whatever I want on a daily basis.  
  10. I am a goal-oriented person and love a good challenge.
 Where is here:

I undertake to shop for myself only at VV Boutique (or Good Will or other second hand type places) for the next year until September 2013. 

I will snap some shots of my ensembles and post them here.  I'm just an everyday girl; mom, busy, no photo skills, no fancy camera.  But you'll get the idea.  Maybe you'll even see your former clothes here!  (That would be good in a weird way.)

First photo:

 Towel dress $6, red seed necklace $2, multicolour necklace $2
all VV Boutique

Thank you Instagram for the cool photo.  Thank you Everyday Mom Style for the idea of taking photos of the outfits without heads. Thank you 2012 for making colour blocking stylish.  Thank you 1972 for this terry-cloth towel dress and thank you, Grandma ? for keeping it in nice shape.  Thank you God for giving me the very body required to make this dress look decent (shorter torso, shorter legs and you'd be right back in the seventies).  I am actually wearing this today and I can't tell if I'm getting appreciative glances or if people are wondering why I'm wearing a towel.  Hate on towel-haters, you're just jealous.