Sunday 19 August 2012

Jax It Up

I was so excited to finally wear my first VV Boutique "designer" find today!

Jax floral print skirt $7 VV Boutique
Gap tank $5, Gap belt circa 2000, George yellow wedge t-straps $19 Walmart 
*NB: Boobs in photo appear larger than they are.

I originally planned to wear this with my StyleMint Jessie striped t-shirt but it is scorching hot today so instead swapped in a Gap green striped tank, my favourite sandals and a few simple accessories (belt, black bead bracelet and silver hoops) since I was already running late for church.

I briefly reconsidered my ensemble since we planned for an afternoon at the huge wading park for a picnic and play, then decided there is no reason this skirt can't go everywhere with me.  Though it is a higher-end piece, it is cotton and hey, I paid $7!!!  Beats wearing an oversize tee and ugly shorts which appeared to be the uniform of many a mother there.  I can't seem to find a website for Jax but I believe it is a Canadian designer label known for a sleek tailored fit.  Back in the hunger days of 1992ish when I briefly tried modelling before realizing I was more than a walking hanger, I modelled Jax in a size 6!  This skirt is a size 12 and fits great!

I have no idea what year or collection the skirt is from, but I love the pattern and colours!  Black, white, pink, mauve, chartreuse, green, blush, orange, taupe - the outfit possibilities are endless - and all without looking too matchy-matchy.  I have a fitted mauve sweater and black boots that are just crying to go out with Jax once the cooler weather inevitably arrives!
Since I am a diva, I brought a second pair of shoes, $2 Old Navy flip flops.
And yes, those are crushed goldfish crackers to the right.  I lead a life of glamour.
The hem has a cute (but not girlish) detail of ric-rac trim, and the length was just fine for wading, splashing, sitting and relaxing without flashing anyone!  I suspect height is my side when it comes to VV Boutique.  I'm 5'8 1/2" tall so this skirt hits just at the knee.  A little longer and it would be mid-calf and potentially dowdy.  As it were, I felt Jax helped me transition from church to play to home and dinner and ... blogging!  Yep, I've still got it on - super comfy and still looks great!  I can't wait to search VV Boutique for some more gems like Jax!

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