Tuesday 28 August 2012

Four and Floral

In case you didn't know it, I am a real-live person living a real-live life that most of the time is not all about style.  Today was all about having a pal come for the day for fun and a sleepover (for my boys, to clarify!), and since my hubby was busy starting his new job (AMEN), that meant it was just me and FOUR kids.  The agenda included bowling, McDonald's, swimming, playing, Lego, movie, fun.  And wine.  (for me, to clarify!)  I wanted to wear some VV Boutique and needed something that could do all that - nothing too fussy, nothing too accessorized, and easy to get into in 30 seconds half-wet.  So, it was the perfect day for my floral tunic top.   

Floral top $7 VV Boutique, Cobalt belt $4 VV Boutique
Coral tank Winners $9, Old Navy shorts circa 2004
flip flops $6 with pedicure this spring

(swim bracelet and oddly flexed wrists just part of my modeling trademark look)

I love the combination of red and blue.  Or coral and cobalt.  Looooovvee.  I mentioned before that this top reminds me of one I almost bought from StyleMint before I started this adventure and was pressuring all my friends to sign up for StyleMint and all its awesomeness.  Still do that!  For $7 instead of the $40 I would have gladly shelled out for the Brooklyn tee (including shipping for us Canadians), this one also has a scoop neck, three-quarter sleeves, is super soft and has something special in the back...

I really love the lace detail, and I have noted that several of the StyleMint tees have lace backs or lace detailing.  

While bowling and swimming and keeping track of four children, I looked around and thought about what differentiates boring from stylish.  My ensemble today was nothing earth-shattering, but the lace back and belt added interest and, though my coral flip flops were more functional than fashionable, they were still better than sport sandals, or, egad, running shoes.  I considered just wearing a plain tee and then reminded myself that I don't need to "save" my clothes for a better occasion; this is my life and I want to enjoy my clothes every day:
 Self photography outside my sweet ride at McDonald's

Once the kids were snug in their beds, I looked at the StyleMint website to see how they styled the Brooklyn tee...  I love how StyleMint pairs unexpected items together and though I might not directly translate the looks into my life, they remind me to try different things together and spice things up!  Here is my shirt with a classic black pencil skirt and patent pumps:

    George black pencil skirt Walmart circa 2007
Black patent pumps circa 1994, necklace as bracelet $2 VV Boutique

I might not have paired such a "casual" shirt with a dressy skirt, but it looked good and felt sexy!  StyleMint also suggested pairing their floral with a printed skirt, so here's my take with what was available in my closet:

Gap skirt via clothing exchange 2006
Black patent sling-back pumps Winners circa 2009
Again, I wouldn't have paired these together without the inspiration from StyleMint, but I like it A LOT and would wear this to work (where I am on the ground, playing, painting, bending, doing animal walks, etc. - all part of my glamour).  Lastly, StyleMint suggested pairing the floral with your favourite coloured jeans.  Here is my floral with my only coloured jeans:

Yellow jeans Forever XXI $18, Grey necklace Avenue Clothing $19

I would accessorize the other looks as well, but this look shows the length of the shirt and was begging for a necklace. 

At this point, my photographer was getting ... distracted... and I learned something about our different perspectives.  While I was trying to ensure the clothing could be seen and a waistline remotely evident, he was making sure my boobs looked nice.  Thanks Hon.

Summary of the real-life day: I spent my day in my VV Boutique floral shirt with four awesome kids and here are four awesome looks with my VV Boutique floral shirt!

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