Thursday 16 August 2012

Chambray Take One

Very exciting things happened recently.  Firstly, I got my VV Boutique Super Savers Club Card!  (These are words I never imagined I would say, with glee no less.)  Secondly, I discovered that this card enables you to get 50% off on Wednesdays if you spend $50 or more!!!  Let's just say you bought books; they are about $5 each, buy four get the fifth free... you could get TWELVE books for $25!!  I love to read and there was a great selection, so I will definitely be using my card for that soon!  AND there are other promotions and deals, like you get 20% off on your birthday.  I don't know all the details yet, but rest assured I will share as I learn!

Quite unfortunately, I had only 17 minutes last Wednesday to pop into VV Boutique and look around.  I was on the hunt for something with lace and chambray.  Oh chambray... I covet thee.  Well, the lace hunt revealed one dirty blouse (couldn't do it) and the chambray hunt revealed...

Talbots dark chambray $7 VV Boutique

No, I did not have time to try this gem on.  Yes, I was scared that by wearing Talbots I might instantly age 25 years...

Tonight, I had exactly 7 minutes to get ready including hair, make-up, clothes, and photos.  I knew that chambray was heading out with me one way or another and here's the way I managed in one minute:

Black dress from Winners $35 circa 2009, green pointy flats circa 2007
Flatter Me belt from C'est Cera $40

A word about my photographer... I love my husband but he is famous for taking great photos of moss and flowers.  Together, we are destined for fashion stardom.

I did manage to throw on some antique-ish chandelier earrings and my fuchsia bag added another pop of colour.  Not the most exciting ensemble but I dare you to come up with something better quicker!

I don't know if it was the open shirt, the belt or what, but two people complimented me on how good I looked so I call that a chambray success!

I am still on the hunt for a lighter chambray with a more tailored fit, but in the meantime I plan to use this incredible post as inspiration on how to wear my chambray.  Heather Smith of The Smith's Blog features TWENTY ONE different ways to wear a chambray shirt!  Are you inspired??  I sure am!  That is a lot of fun for $7 at VV Boutique!


  1. Whoa - HOW am I just seeing this? So thrilled to see a Flatter:Me being put to such stylish use, and by someone else who loves VV as much as I do; great score on the chambray!

    1. Thanks Claire! I have blogged about your AWESOME belts several times and recently told the women of Edmonton that they MUST get one on my FB page. I've also tweeted Flatter Me when I post about them. Seriously, the best belt ever. I love mine and as soon as I'm done my second hand challenge, I have my eye on a red one, or maybe a polka dot. Or green.... can't decide, maybe one of each!


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