Thursday 16 August 2012

The Linen Code

These are the last lazy days of summer for me.  I work in the school system and have the incredible blessing of summers off, so I have gotten into a rather lazy relaxed routine, and I'm reaching for clothes that support that attitude!  This Mexx linen dress fits the bill perfectly. 

It is like wearing a soft light comfy cozy sac!  Maybe it looks a bit sack-ish.  Well, it is a smidge too big and if I were paying full price at Mexx I might have bought a smaller size, but since I got it from VV Boutique for $11, I thought it was good enough.  It is so versatile - I can wear it with different coloured shirts and tanks, belted or no belt, with a long sleeve under and tights and boots.  (In other words, you will see it again)

Mexx linen dress $11 VV Boutique, Necklace $2 VV Boutique
Green Old Navy tank circa 2009, Shoes from Korea circa 1997
Part Two Belt from C'est Cera $67   

I admit my posing needs some help.  Like any good top model, I will practice on the runway in my living room. 

I don't think the photos do justice to how awesome it is!  The waist is dropped (which Stacy London tweeted was up and coming...yikes) and I wore the belt low slung which looked casual when I moved despite how it photographed thick!  I don't own any other linen because of the wrinkle factor, but I think there is an unwritten code amongst linen wearers; something like, "we know we are incredibly chic and likely in a hot oasis so we overlook the wrinkles and enjoy our awesomeness."

The dress is a neutral green khaki and the perfect template for accessories.  It was 4 degrees Celsius here this morning so I see some nice scarves and big earrings with the dress in the near future!  This necklace is looped twice and has great colours.  Love it! 

It was the perfect ensemble for my day of errands and chillin with the family.  I will say (sorry hubby) that while shopping in Walmart (like I said, "hot oasis"), I got some appreciative glances from men in uniform and I'm pretty sure it was the dress.  VV Boutique scores again!


  1. I think a bold colored shoe would also be very enjoyable with this dress.

  2. Definitely will be pairing my bold shoes with it AND I will be on the hunt for more bold shoes at VV! You with me?!!


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