Tuesday 21 August 2012

Fashion's Night Out... at VV Boutique!

A good day is defined as wearing your only fave chambray then changing into your towel dress....sigh.... just imagine the relaxing activities that went along with that!  Counting my blessings today, that's for sure!  So busy counting, I neglected to snap any photos, so here's my version of taking my Mexx linen dress into fall:

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Okay, I admit, I mostly wanted to play with Polyvore and scroll over the Frye boots as if I were touching them...!  See you in late 2013, Frye boots.

NB: if you already looked at this post, you will realize I've done a soap-opera switch.  I took out the Polyvore fall towel ensemble and put in the linen dress one.  I was just playing around but admittedly the print on that terry cloth jumper was a stretch, and I didn't want it to scare people away.. Just like daytime dramas, I expect you to just carry on as if nothing has changed.  Go.   

This post however has a very important purpose.  I have an idea.  Those who know me know I like a good project, and I absolutely love having a good reason to gather the people I love together.  This venture into style blogging has been so fun, interesting and educational!  For example, I had never heard of Maxi Monday, and I have found so many style blogs that I love to read and emulate, or just read and be entertained!  I believe in JOY and see it expressed in this genre a lot, and that makes me smile!  One of those things I only recently became aware of is "Fashion's Night Out."  Never heard of it?  Unless you live in a major metropolitan US city, you're not alone!  I suspect "FNO," as those of us in the know call it (!), will gain momentum every year and soon be an event celebrated by women everywhere.  Unfortunately for me, there are no FNO festivities going on within 500 miles.  That's okay because with my VV Boutique challenge, it would require extraordinary control to participate and resist temptation!  Still, boo.

Unless.... unless my friends would gather with me at VV Boutique on Thursday September 6th for our own little Fashion's Night Out party!  Why not?!!  The whole point of FNO is to have fun shopping!  Sure it would be nice to have wine and music and giveaways and Justin Bieber, but I would settle for a few friends or even just one sister to join me for a couple hours, latte in hand to see what VV Boutique has in store for us for FNO! 

Email me if you want to join me, or just show up if it happens to work for your schedule.  I will be at the South Side VV Boutique around 6pm or earlier if I can find a way to sneak out!  I will bring some enticing giveaways from major sponsors.  It will be worth your while I promise!  If you can't join me there, join me anywhere you can!  Go to the nearest VV Boutique, hit the mall, peruse Polyvore, or just enjoy a little on-line browsing!  I am certain that wherever you are and whatever you do, you can have some fun and feel the kindred spirits of joyful shoppers worldwide!

September 6th ... VV Boutique ... Be there! 


  1. I do believe I need to do a fashion intervention...the towel dress is NOT a transitional piece. While it is FABuLous in the summer heat it is meant as only what it is...a summer dress. Please do not wear it into Fall. Love your much wiser s.

  2. Not my towel dress!!! Don't worry! Sheesh, maybe I better edit this lest "people" miss the salient points, like those boots (sigh...) and FNO!!


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