Hall of Fame

Everything I find at VV Boutique and other thrift stores is a good deal, but some finds are exceptional.  Here are the best of the best!

These shoes were sitting there unassuming in the size section above mine, perfect condition $600+ French designer shoes.

I estimate these would be worth $400+ regular retail!  These had a worn sole but otherwise perfect condition!

Lida Baday is a Canadian designer and her dresses can retail for more than $1000!  This one is wool and fits like a glove, in perfect condition!  

I scored this wool silk blazer from Canadian designer Lida Baday on a 50% sale.  Lida Baday is no longer designing so I will cherish my two pieces as invaluable thrift scores!

I estimate these would be worth $150 - $250 regular retail.  They are a beautiful rich brown, in excellent condition and comfortable! 

J Brand Denim $6.30 from VV Boutique
It finally happened.  
I found J Brand denim at VV Boutique, in the perfect size for one of my favourite people - Colleen!  This makes me so happy!
J Brand retails for $200+. Merry Christmas!

Oh how I wish they were mine but I'm so happy for Elizabeth, my petite friend!  These jeans retail over $200.

My best estimate for regular retail price would be between $200-300 but what makes them Hall of Fame is the comfortable fit and great condition!

Mustard Cardi goes in the hall of fame because the epic quest to find it, its like-new condition at an amazing price, and because of its ability to get along with everyone.

This exact bag is no longer available but my nearest estimation is that regular retail would be about $118.

These exact shoes are no longer available but my nearest estimation is that regular retail would be about $195.

Can't find this exact dress anywhere on line but BCBG dresses of a similar style run about $175-$300! 


  1. Those are great scores...I would be interested in what an original retail price is.

  2. what is this VV Boutique store? I would love to check it out!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! VV Boutique is a funny term for Value Village, or Savers in the US. It is a great place to shop! Many treasures to be found!

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