Sunday 1 March 2015

Versatile Pieces

KCan we just pretend it's February 28th?  It's only fair considering how we lose a couple days (or more) every single year!!  I'm indignant.  It's February's fault I didn't get this post up in February, not mine.  Now that that's settled, let me show you the last piece for February's "Day to Play" series, what I like to call my "ECGT"...
You might be a bit nerdy like me if you understand that name right away!

I scored this tee a couple weeks ago and had a hard time deciding between it, a vintage cardigan and a Free People floral top.  It was a handmade vs vintage vs brand name show down!  Ultimately, I decided the Free People top ran the risk of looking maternity - NO NEVER AGAIN SO STOP ASKING AND STOP EVEN THINKING.  I DON'T HAVE THE GREATEST POSTURE OKAY! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE - and the vintage piece would be challenging to style.  This tee however has gorgeous colours and a unique pattern that means it will be a versatile addition to my wardrobe!  Here I am before heading out the door (late) for church...
Top $3.50, Clarks booties $10 VV Boutique
JBrand denim and belt from my closet and She Does Create necklace

When I spotted this top in the racks, I immediately pictured some pattern mixing with my oldest skirt SO before changing into my pajamas at 6:30pm, I styled it up for a work look...
Skirt via clothing swap 8 YEARS AGO
Accessories from my closet
Matt&Nat bag gifted from my favourite Megan

Something about teal brings out the matchy-matchy in me.  I could have styled this with several other perfectly colour-matched pieces from my closet.  
In fact, I'm pretty sure that's going to happen in the near future.
"Just slipping off my blazer as I stride to the couch to the office."
The top is practically stripes (with a heartbeat) and the skirt is practically polka dots (with a pupil), 
so the pattern mixing should surprise no one.

Throughout a month of styling pieces in multiple ways, I gained an appreciation for versatility.  True I have plenty of options for mixing and matching so I can find multiple styles for almost anything, but I still have a sense of the pieces that are going to be easy to work with.  Obviously, basic neutrals are going to be versatile, but "secondary" versatile pieces include:
Let me conclude Day to Play with this message: don't be afraid of pieces with character!  They *will* add style to your basics and mileage to your wardrobe!
To whoever handmade this tee: THANK YOU!  It has found a happy home in my closet!

Any my last message in case you didn't get my tee title:
To whoever created this graphic: THANK YOU!  It has found a happy home in my perspective!

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