Thursday 5 March 2015

Polka Dot Pin-Up

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably have an idea what I wore today.  I only say that because one of my friends guessed it.  She's a "pin-teller," along the same lines as "grocery-tellers" and "the mentalist."  Anyhoo, I wore a recent thrift score from VV Boutique, a $4.90 polka-dot cardigan!
Black tee and accessories from my closet

Obviously this cardigan doesn't exactly qualify me as a pin-up girl (unless you're my tired husband), but the Pin that Pinspired my OOTD is reminiscent of a pin-up girl - a stylish one, albeit with questionable posing.
I call this the "I'm a little polka-dot and yellow-pants teapot" pose.

Teapots aside, I do love an interesting finishing piece.  Interesting blazers, interesting cardigans... solids are good too but interesting finishing pieces elevate a simple outfit.
Lo and behold, an easy style formula: 
denim (coloured or other) + tee (plain or other) + interesting finisher = good OOTD
Of course, yellow pants don't hurt matters either as far as interesting goes!

I found a handful of inspiring outfits for this cute cardi - at least five which means I will easily get my "styles per cost" value out of this piece! 
Yellow pants B.T. (Before Thrifting) 

Polka dots are a cheerful pattern, and therefore the perfect piece to usher in some good news today!  VV Boutique Style has been nominated for a Yeggie for the second year running!  I still got it!  Now to start thinking about what to wear!   


  1. brand new reader here! *waves* I LOVE thrift shopping at VV and can't believe I JUST discovered your blog.
    Also I love the fact that Pinterest determines your outfits!:)

    Oh congrats on the #yeggies nomination

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading Aarushi!! I'm glad you found me!! I love connecting with other thrifters! In fact, I organize thrifting events periodically so hopefully we can meet one day! I don't *always* do Pinterest copies but that's my focus in March - it's so much fun! If you want to peruse my archives check out my "favourites" page and find me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest - though I am in process of re-naming - "The Spirited Thrifter!" I will be posting an update about this as soon as it is all done! Thanks again!



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