Saturday 14 March 2015

Classy Casual Friday

Even though Friday is ancient history by now, my 4-year-old went to the trouble of taking photos before our crazy classy casual Friday got started, so I'm sharing them!  It was a little out of routine to do a Monday Style Prompt on Friday but I hope someone out there rose to the challenge of upping their casual Friday style game!  Of course, it depends on where you work or what you do on Fridays, but I think there are some general do's and don'ts for a classier casual Friday.  But first, my Pinspiration...
You can tell by my background scene that I am WAY more glamorous than that girl.

DO limit your "casual" pieces to one...
My "one" was my denim, so I chose a nice peplum top to wear with them.
Jeans and a casual tee would be too casual.
IMHO that goes for shoes too but I'm not much of a sneaker girl.
And I only wear runners when I exercise once every 3 years.
BTW, when a wet Bernese Mountain Dog sits on your blue suede shoes, it leaves a wet mark.

DO wear a blazer with your casual piece, be it a tee or bottom...
and DO accessorize!
Cuff and necklace handmedowns from my sis!
Anthropologie brand peplum top in like-new condition $7
Blazer $7 and pumps $5.50 VV Boutique
JBrand denim from my closet and chain-strap bag handmedown from my sis...
at least I think she meant for me to keep it.

There are some absolute "no's" for casual Friday.  NO yoga pants, NO sweatpants, NO workout gear unless you work in a workout place (I hear that's called a "gym").  I get that they're comfortable, but so are dresses, so are jeans, so are nice tunics and leggings!  As I was driving to work on Friday, I was thinking that I would even call distressed denim a NO for classy casual Friday, but then I noticed a few people wearing them at work on Friday.  I wouldn't, yet I would wear a comic-book-print skirt to work any day of the week.  Go figure. 
I admit, I swapped out the pumps for some metallic pointed flats
because my classy casual Friday duties exceeded my pump-wearing potential. 
DO wear cute flats with your denim!

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  1. Looking nice. I love to wear long formal dress in Friday. All the jeans you wear are so nice.


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