Monday 2 March 2015

Gingham Style

I CANNOT stop pinning gingham looks!!  The sad news is that I have exactly ONE gingham piece that I only recently thrifted so though I can't make this "Gingham Week" like some people, I am "pinspired" to style this top in so many ways that it will definitely become one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe!  Speaking of pinspiration, March is the time of year that I like to visit my Pinterest boards and replicate outfits!  (AKA I need something to make it through the most disheartening winter month!  The time changes, Spring officially starts, schools have Spring Break, stores are flooded with Spring colours and outdoor decor and all the while it's a BLIZZARD out there to the tune of tie-a-rope-to-the-barn-Pa!  I digress.)  I did this last year for Pinspired March and had so much fun!  I'm happy to have this week's Monday Style Prompt - Grab Your Gingham - as the official kick-off to Pinspired March 2.0!  Before I reveal my pinspired looks, the copy that didn't happen (today anyway): gingham shirt plus statement necklace...
My sis and fave Chantel brought me back this necklace from their recent trip to Mexico on my birthday, without me.

I like the look and all but just wasn't feeling it today.  It felt a little too "Fashion Blogger."  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Instead I copied a look that caught my eye on the weekend...
Navy wool skirt $4.90, belt and Miz Mooz shoes on my mind from yesterday!
Sunglasses from my closet...
I wouldn't have chosen turquoise accessories, but since I'm trying to stay true to my pinspiration, 
I did it anyway... and liked it!

Two seconds later, I decided I didn't feel like wearing a skirt in the blizzard, so I changed to a different pinspiration from Franish!
Hers is black and mine is blue...
Hers is tucked, mine is untucked (but I still have my $1.20 red belt on!)...
I swap you one visible belt for one visible necklace ($2)!

The outcome of my initial foray into gingham style is my undying admiration for the classic gingham top!  I loved it!  I loved wearing it all day long! I felt stylish and comfortable!!  AND smug.  Because this J Crew top in perfect condition cost me less than a latte!
$4.20 for this beauty!
Is there a "J Crew Thrifted Find of the Year" award? If so, IT'S MINE!


  1. I have plaid but no gingham in my closet. I see thrifting in my future! :)

    1. Good plan. I've been hunting for the perfect gingham for a long time but the wait paid off!! Patience is a thrifting virtue!!

  2. Same, I have plaid, but no gingham (YET!). Love the top/pants look!

    1. Thanks Amy! I liked it best too and I love your clarifier!! Just like chambray, I think we all need a gingham!

  3. JCrew gingham? Perfect thrift score!


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