Thursday 26 February 2015

Thrifting Theory

I have a theory about thriftingMy theory is that despite the increasing popularity of thrifting, despite the increasing prices in some stores, despite the necessary fluctuations in stock, there are ALWAYS treasures to be found!  I have a heart full of thrifting faith - the right pieces go to the right home.  One of my fave thrifting friends is about the same size as me right down to our shoe size, yet our individual styles are distinct.  We almost never want the same piece (though I want her cognac Kenneth Cole ankle boots and she wants my camel robe coat, but besides that....).  In fact, we were together when I found a staple piece by Theory for only $4.20!!!
Short sleeved black charcoal turtleneck in perfect condition!
Welcome to my closet!

Believe it or not, I don't have any sort of black turtleneck... till now!  I styled it up for work first...

It was so cold with the wind, it was indoor recess - that's saying something in Alberta.  So I needed this $6.30 Grey Nicole Miller cardi/blazer.  I liked how it fit the cropped retro vibe of my ensemble.
And lo and behold, the Theory top is LONG!
Great coverage, great fit!
P.S. The great thing about wearing boots to work and taking indoor shoes is that you don't need socks.

I have no idea why someone would donate a gorgeous piece like this Theory top but my theory is that they found the short sleeves/turtleneck combo tricky to style.  On the other hand, I had no difficulties coming up with a couple more styling options.  It looks classic with a pretty skirt or 30.
Accessories from my closet

I loved this look and as I passed over more accessories, I developed the theory that sometimes quality pieces don't need anything else.  Impeccable quality speaks for itself!
This look would work for an office day for me or church or a date night or wine tasting or ...
Ask me out!  (kidding... sort of)

As I put outfit #2 together, I found myself longing for red pumps!!  Though I have a few pairs of red shoes, no classic pumps.  Better go thrifting stat!  Meanwhile, I used cobalt for a pop of colour in my last casual look...

I like how this classic Theory top adds instant easy style to everything else!  I can't wait to wear it more (next up, with my black cardi/vest!!).  I am not surprised that I found a soft, perfect piece while thrifting!
My theory was proven by Theory!

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