Tuesday 17 February 2015

Tuesday Tee

The problem with holiday Mondays is that the following Tuesdays behave just like a regular Monday, right down to putting your pants on backwards then leaving the house.  Just me?  Oh...  Luckily, the Monday Tuesday Style Prompt eased the start of the work week somewhat - style your tee for Tuesday!

I think most of us can get behind wearing a t-shirt any day of the week, especially to work!  They're comfortable and easy to style up or down.  There are as many great tees as there are great women!  As long as they're styled up, tees are fine for most work environments (one big boss I know wore her Harley tee to work - AWESOME!).  They add an edge, balance out the dressy and make an outfit interesting!  And for me, they describe my bad habits...
Always late tee from YEG Red Ribbon Boutique
Cardi $7, Kate Spade loafers $9.80 and pants $4.90 VV Boutique
Accessories from my closet - mixture of thrift, hand-me-down and old classic.

I just thrifted the black and white patterned pants and really like how they're stretchy and comfortable and ankle cropped.  
On the one hand, you can eat 27 crepes for Shrove Tuesday and still not get any clothing cues to lessen the pace;
on the other hand, you can't tell whether they're on frontwards or backwards. 

It would have been easy to pair my tee and pants with black black black, but some Pinspiration helped me select a mixed neutral palette!
That girl doesn't look like SHE is always late.
She even remembered her sunglasses.
Show off.

This was one of the easiest Monday Style Prompts in a while - so many ideas of how to style tees for work or for play!  I was going to take a photo with my "evening" look but thought, no one wants to see my pajama bottoms from 1997.  I think I'll try another work look tomorrow - stay tuned on Instagram!  Meanwhile, here are some of my other Tuesday-tee looks (er, not necessarily worn on a Tuesday but you get the idea)...
Apparently I'm always blurry in my Always Late tee.
These tees convey a more positive message at least!  I'm rolling, I'm flying!
One of my fave outfits ever.
A go-to look this winter: tee + interesting blazer
Okay fine, I won't wear this one to work.
Well, maybe on a meeting day?!

I hope you took the Tuesday Tee prompt and had some fun today!  If not, it's not too late!  Find some pinspiration, add some accessories and finishing layers and rock it - any day of the week!
Yes, I was late.
But then I worked late.  And I'm up late.
So the tee remains accurate and it all balances out!

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