Tuesday 10 February 2015

Just Another Metallic Monday

If that title instantly makes you think of the Bangles, we should be friends.  I was pining to wear my new gold leather short boots, so I gave myself a good reason to in this week's Monday Style Prompt - Metallic Monday!  If you wore anything significantly metallic yesterday, you'll get what I'm about to say: you just gotta go gold or go home.  You can't put on gold boots and pretend like you're wearing your usual old black boots... And so I thought, what the heck, I might as well pair them with hot pink.
Aldo boots $7, skirt $7, sheer metallic polka dot Peter Pan collar top* $4.20 VV Boutique
Tights and cardi from my closet
*longest garment description ever

I first tried this cute short-sleeved top and boots with a black skirt and it just didn't seem like enough to support the boots!  Too boring!  Needed elements of spunk from head-to-toe!
My fab She Does Create "sword and shield" earrings!
Since the top is sheer, the under-layer can change the look.
I just so happen to have a pink tank that worked perfectly!

It was Pink Day in preschool on Monday, so I was basically doing TWO style challenges!
And if no one else, preschoolers thought my golden boots were da bomb.

Mondays are my crazy days with a standing commitment on Monday evenings with my two oldest kids.  So my "Day to Play" look was more like "work to evening!"  I just swapped in some denim and a black layering tank for a cleaner line.
Joe denim $2.80 VV Boutique
Black tank from my closet
Two different staging locations for your viewing pleasure.
Oh and I also wore different lipstick.  I'm wild and crazy that way.

Here's a little secret: for my evening look I was wearing an awesome metallic belt!  No one could see it but I knew it was there and that made me happy!  But it deserves some time to shine so I might just have to get my metallic going another day soon!  I say, the more metallic the merrier!

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