Tuesday 24 February 2015

Leopard-Print Cardi

I have been hunting for a leopard-print cardi for a loooooonnnng time and was therefore delighted to find one recently in perfect condition for only $4.90!  Since I have the delayed gratification ability of  - is that chocolate?!! - oh, sorry, I wanted to wear it right away and so sculpted the Monday Style Prompt around it.  (I got the power, it's getting getting getting kinda hectic)  "Wear Something Wild" Monday commenced with a work look...
Skirt $4.90, gifted thrifted sequined flats
Tee and tights from my closet.
I already know leopard goes with stripes and since it's a neutral, it goes with polka dots too!
Accessories by She Does Create, including my fab new name tag lanyard with a timepiece and beading.

Styling leopard can be a bit tricky.  It is easy enough to put it with black but I like it with COLOUR.  Surprise suprise.
White tee from my closet and She Does Create pendant.
Turquoise is also a neutral and just what this outfit needed.

During my extensive Pinterest research, I also saw leopard with neutrals and a POP of colour, so I gave that a go because now that I'm bribing my kids to take photos, all three want a turn so I have to come up with three looks.
Wearing the cardi as a top with my J Brand faves (B.T. Before Thrifting)
Miz Mooz leather flats gifted but thrifted for $13.30
Subtle jewelry - mix of thrift and handmedown - since there's a lot of RAWR.

After all that, I decided to *actually* wear...
It was a black tee kind of day.

So with the addition of this cardi, that brings my animal-print collection to:
I was SO tempted to wear them all together as a joke but figured people would think I was crazy.
Maybe next time!
(Maybe I am)

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