Tuesday 3 February 2015

Thrifting Success Story

A couple weeks ago, I had a great time helping Kristen, a young rising professional, put together business casual looks with a rocker chic edge from pieces in her closet !  While we were at it, we made a thrift-hunting list and on Sunday, we hit VV Boutique intent on filling those holes in her wardrobe.  Kristen, unlike moi, does not love shopping.  Not even a little.  Yet she was a great sport and willing to try on anything!  Her efforts did not disappoint!  Just look at all her scores!

Metallic flats, leather Clarks MaryJane pumps and leather Bandolino flats, all in perfect condition!

It's always a good idea to shop the shoes first so you can wear the maybes while you shop to ensure comfort.  If you can't wear them, they're not a good deal no matter how cheap!  We also stopped by the accessories racks and found many staples - silver hoops, antique metal cuff and earrings, pendant necklace, statement tassel necklace, silver bangles...  Though we didn't catch them on film, these accessories will help Kristen follow the Rule of 3, add an edge and finish her outfits!  I made her promise to send some selfies so I could see them in action!  After shoes and accessories, we hit the racks...
Found just a *few* things to try on!

Though the selection of blazers was relatively small compared to my usual experience, Kristen still crossed off a couple blazers from her list including a basic black blazer...
The blazer was $3.50 after applying the 30% off from a filled donation card!
The lining is animal print, so to avoid clashing with this fab skirt, we tucked the cuff under then pushed it up!
Perfect condition perfect fit animal print skirt WITH POCKETS is a closet staple.
That I myself do not possess.  Sigh.
We hoped for a perfect chambray shirt but instead found a chambray shirt/dress/tunic!
It's a little short to be a dress without tights, even for a 26yo, but it will add tons of versatility to Kristen's wardrobe!  
She can wear it belted, open, with tights, or tucked into a skirt!
And the coat - swoon!  Steampunk-ish details, perfect condition "vegan" leather, ruffle hem, knit hood and a fabulous lining!

It was not our day for pants, but who cares.  Kristen looks AH-MAZING in dresses!
Kristen found vintage polka dot perfection, jersey/cotton stripes with a unique ruffled/ruched waistband, the perfect silky shirt-dress with a lower hem in the back and navy print dress!
Black and white tiny polka dot dress in a totally versatile style!
Orange belt?  Yes please!
Mustard scarf and grey moto?  Even yesser!
Shrunken plaid blazer???!!  I can't even...!!!
Then there's the grey sheath dress of awesomeness.
Kristen can style this a hundred ways and never get bored!
We liked it better with the moto cardi than a blazer - the blazer had no edge!  Unacceptable!
That green floral-ish blazer was new-with-tags and will coordinate with EVERYTHING in her closet.
Kristen, be sure to introduce that cardi to your mustard scarf and polka dot dress!

Kristen can style these dresses with leggings or tights and an outer layer for winter, then ditch those layers once warmer weather comes... in a hundred months.  She has an active job, but I assured her (and everyone) that you CAN do most jobs in a dress!  If I can crawl on the floor in preschool in a dress, Kristen can wear dresses to work too! 
Kristen did score one pair of printed pants!  
Pumps + a dressy shell + blazer make these pants appropriate for casual Friday!
And the sweater on the right, well, it's not for work but she obviously had to have it.
It was meant to be with her own distressed denim and "new" metallic flats!

Kristen got a couple tops including the find of the day - a green/print Free People blouse!
So incredibly cool with denim or her pencil skirts - tucked or untucked, finishing layer or stand alone!
And the top on the right was another unique find - fitted yet stretchy, long enough to wear with leggings or this lace bandage-mini skirt!

The final find of the day was this grey robe cardi...
It was hard not to hug here right then and there... looked so comfortable yet still chic!

Lest anyone thinks this was *all* Kristen could find, here are the pieces she left behind...

I share this because I want the world to know that there are TONS of second-hand stylish pieces in perfect condition for the taking!  
The shoes - they're Gap, brand new.  The skirt - Banana Republic, tags on.  Same goes for that black blazer...
I hope Kristen doesn't end up with a case of Thrifter's Regret!

Now that Kristen knows the thrifting ropes, she can pop into the nearest location (a few minutes from here home) and just do a quick browse of a specific section - such as blazers.  Thrifting in small doses is usually manageable even for the most reluctant shopper!

In the end, Kristen scored 40 pieces including accessories, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 belts, 2 scarves, and several wardrobe staples - all for an average cost per piece of $8.27 including my fee!  She had a 30% off stamp card which saved her close to a hundred bucks!  For perspective, her Clarks, Bandolinos and Free People shirt alone would likely retail for more than she spent on all 40 items.  I call that a major thrifting success story!
 Kristen, your outside matches your inside - a beautiful, smart, talented, stylish woman!
You will go far!
Thanks for the pleasure of joining your style journey!

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