Monday 31 March 2014

Spring Break Spring Trends

Yippee! It's Spring Break!
Winterscape Spring-scape at Bitter Bittern Lake

Sigh... Despite the snow, I am thinking about Spring trends. Mostly, I'm wondering if I will ever be able to wear skirts without tights... but I'm also wondering which Spring 2014 trends I will find at VV Boutique. Contrary to popular belief, thrift shopping does not mean you'll be behind the times, that you'll only find last Spring's trends.  I have proved time and time again that I am able to find on-trend pieces while they're still on-trend. Thrifted prices, in fact, are the perfect way to try trends!  Then, if you don't like it, you haven't wasted many hard-earned fashion dollars and if you do like it, you can brag to all your friends about your amazing deal!

Here is what's on my radar for spring... okay okay, I admit I've already found some spring pieces so I'll share what I've got and what I'm still hunting for!

1. Crop tops - if they're good enough for Vogue, they're good enough for me.
 Adding a belted cardi makes it work appropriate.

2. Bwahahahahaha!  That's my early April Fool's Day joke on you.  There is no chance you will catch me in a spring midriff top.  That ship sailed some time ago.  I suspect this trend will be for a select few, but don't think that you can't be stylish if you wouldn't be caught dead in don't like some trends.  Paying attention to what you like, what makes your heart happy is what helps define your personal style.  Personal.  Key word there.  Carrying on...

3. Bomber jackets - I snagged a couple bomber jackets to wear to the soccer field when spring nights can get a bit chilly.  All of this was hypothetical as it turns out because a) snow and b) I dodged the bullet* when my kids had conflicting activities.  Nonetheless I can't wait to wear these beauties to the Starbucks patio or some such...
 "Vegan" bomber $5.60, floral bomber $5 VV Boutique

*I don't like watching soccer, sorry soccer moms

4. Floral mix - just in case, I bought 75 floral pieces to mix and match with stripes, other prints, statement tees, plain tees and everything in between.  I'm considering floral a neutral and going for it.
They are totally different florals so I *needed* them all.

5. Metallic as a neutral - I have already scored a pair of sandals and matchy-matchy coordinating cross-body bag and come to think of it I have two other pairs of summer metallic shoes.
Nina leather sandals $7.70 and bag $4.90 VV Boutique 

Still, if I chance upon a shiny pair, they'll be in my cart before you can say "gold!"  And then there's my latest designer find, a Michael Kors gold knit sleeveless!  
$4 of amazing at VV Boutique!

6. Midi-length skirts - this length makes wearing skirts to work practical for me.  And since capris are a no-go for my sponge-bob-square-pants peg-leg ankles, skirts are my solution for cooler clothing.
JM skirt $4.90 VV Boutique

7. Pastels - monochromatic, mixed or with a pop of primary, I plan to break out the pastels ASAP.
Pastels remind me of candy which is a win in my books.

8. Art prints - I don't exactly know what this is, but I think I'll know it when I see it.  Chances are someone is going to buy it, decide it's too bold and donate it right into my willing hands!
From the April issue of In Style

9. Light wash ankle-crop denim skinnies - preferably with a higher rise, if I'm ordering.  Believe it or not, Forever 21 makes a pant that is surprisingly forgiving in the rise.  But if I find J Brand, that'll do too.
I love you J Brand, but I would have to save a $231 pair of jeans for Splurge.

10. D'Orsay shoes - because I'm fresh out of shoes, I will be keeping an eye out for these.  Mostly so that I can say "these are my d'Orsay shoes" and sound all chic and impressive.
I'm not fussy about colour, heel, or details but something like these would be quite nice...

11. Colourful sunnies - I have a high attrition rate for sunglasses, as does every mother.  I think...  Is it me?  Dang.  Anyway, I lose sunglasses easily and am therefore unwilling to splurge on a pricey pair and there's no need since VV Boutique has a decent selection.  I already scored a functional black pair and now want something with bold colour!

12. Elevated sweatshirts - interesting prints, embellishments or other details take a comfy favourite and make it stylish!  It's good to go with those floral bottoms, over a dress, with jeans, with work trousers... I have one and I want more!
Props to my thrifting partner Shannon for finding me this $5 beauty from VV Boutique.

13. Navy - Navy is apparently "the neutral" for spring (says Shirely Borrelli for one) and considering it's not black and it gets along with every other colour, I am keeping my out for navy pieces to join my other navy friends:
$5.20 ruched and $9.10 J Crew from VV Boutique

There you have it!  Stay tuned to see how I style these spring pieces over the next few months and how my spring hunting goes!  To easily connect with VV Boutique Style, just look to the top right and *BE AMAZED* by my new social media buttons.* 

*I am not a tech person.  Nothing makes me feel forty faster than trying to figure out computer code.  Thankfully I had some virtual help from Christina at I Gotta Create and the video tutorial by Emily of Blogaholic Designs.  Nonetheless it took me longer than I care to admit to get my buttons to work so you better stop and admire them.  Thank you in advance.

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