Sunday 16 March 2014

Goodbye Uterus (not mine)

Momentous occasions in life deserve some special recognition, and so it came to pass today that I had a wonderful opportunity to have one last VV Boutique thrifting adventure with my big sis ... and her uterus.  She is set for surgery this coming week to say adios to the whole kit and caboodle along with some other bits that aren't meant to be there (I certainly sound like a health professional right now, don't I?), and is prepared for several weeks of recovery, during which time thrift shopping will be low priority if not impossible.  She is my thrifting mentor and patient hunting companion on most of my personal shopping adventures, so I will certainly miss her presence and bossy quick fashion advice.  Sniff. 

The week ahead is quite busy and I won't even have the chance to see her let alone shop with her before surgery so imagine my delight to have an unexpected AWESOME thrifting opportunity present itself earlier today!  I had some time to kill so popped into the nearest VV Boutique and the wonderful and familiar fitting room attendant Dale shared not one but TWO invitations to tonight's friends and family 60% off sale! 
Yep, that means I went to VV Boutique twice today. AWESOME!

I see Dale all the time and she is always friendly, helpful and patient with my huge piles of potential treasures!  Thank you SO MUCH Dale for extending the invitation and giving me and Shannon the chance to hit the sale tonight!
Waiting for the doors to open!

It was a very successful thrift trip for us both!  Before I share what I got, let me share what I wore today for Pinspired March...
As inspired by this pin

You might call me a double-copy-cat considering my friend Chantel wore this very pinspirational look a couple weeks ago...
Looking good as always, Chantel!

And this morning, another friend and I inadvertently dressed, er, reciprocally...
I will always love you Randa... and your mustard cardi.

All I can say is that my friends have great style, and great minds think alike.  Back to the sale!  I got several awesome pieces including:
Tristan linen skirt $2.40, H&M dress $5.20 and Michael Kors sleeveless gold $4
Kristen Blake navy trench $6, Deane & White robe* $4 and new mint pants $2.40
These mint are a bit darker and a better fit.  So I totally needed them.
*I was just reflecting this morning that I've had one robe since 1999 and the other since 2005; 
for $4, an upgrade was in order.

Shannon got several pieces that will be comfortable post-op (there, now I sound like I'm straight from E.R.) and other treasures...
Every hysterectomy deserves a good thrift haul.
If they're going to put a mirror where you exit the tills, I'm going to take a selfie.

I didn't start my day thinking I'd get to see my sis or go to a great sale or finish the day looking at the full moon outside of Value Village...
It always seems to be right above the, er, video store at 9 o'clock.

This sunny Sunday was a gift!  Thank you Dale!  Thank you VV Boutique!  Thank you Shannon!  Thank you God!


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the day! :) And Shannon, I will be thinking & praying for you!

  2. Thank you Kim! I am blessed to be surrounded by kindness. It was a great time and I can't wait to shop for post-op ensembles!


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