Friday 30 August 2013

Mr. Style Scores Some Boss

My husband is a great guy.  He is so enthusiastic understanding accepting of my *need* to go to VV Boutique frequently and even agreed to a quick stop on our anniversary date, if you can believe it, because I wanted to use up my 30% off coupons...  Good thing we stopped because this time it wasn't me that scored, it was him!

While I scoured the store (unsuccessfully) for a chambray, he checked out the menswear blazers and lo' and behold if he didn't find not just one but TWO Hugo Boss wool jackets in mint condition that fit him perfectly, along with a third Italian-wool blazer from custom clothier Sam Abouhassan.
 Navy Hugo Boss blazer $14
 It's like ANTM 2.0 Guys & Girls, VV Boutique-Styled...
Harder than it looks, ain't it, Hon?!

Mr. Style does not wear suits to work daily but he cleans up pretty good when he needs to!  He is just under 6'3" and has extra long arms, perfect for paddling but not-so-perfect for shirts and blazers - usually!
Gray Sam Aboushassan blazer $6.30
Work it!

I don't know how much a Hugo Boss blazer would go for regular retail, but I'm guessing a few hun at least and in any case, more than we can afford.  Same for the Sam Abouhassan; his suits start over $2000, and I'm guessing a blazer would be the 'expensive' piece of the duo.  Though all three jackets fit well, it would be worth the expense to tailor them specifically to Mr. Style given their condition and quality.
Black Hugo Boss blazer $16.80
He was thrilled with his finds and our boys were happy Daddy has a blazer just like them.
You can tell we both went to the same school of Very Serious Posing.

Naturally, he couldn't help but share about his amazing scores with his friends at work.  I would have liked to be a fly on the wall during that conversation...  They were duly impressed, and one even went out the next day and found ANOTHER HUGO BOSS BLAZER for himself from VV Boutique!  I may have just outed them both as thrifters, but I say, shout it from the rooftops because YOU'RE the BOSS!


  1. I just showed this to my husband to prove that the VV stops I always insist on can be Good for you TOO, Carl. Thanks for the photographic evidence!! :D

    1. Glad we could be of service! Pants are a little harder (esp for a tall dude) but I still can hardly believe he scored thousands of dollars worth of blazers in such amazing condition! More money left for me! Thanks for reading Claire!

  2. Awesome deals!! A Hugo Boss blazer can be anywhere from $400 to $1000.

    1. Wow!! I'm so impressed with his finds, but now he has the taste for designer duds! Guess he'll have to thrift more!


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