Thursday 15 August 2013

M.I.M. (Mom in Maxi Skirt)

My love for maxi dresses in summer is a well-known fact but for some reason, I scoffed at the idea of a maxi skirt even though the fashionable ladies of Ain't No Mom Jeans keep featuring them as viable options for busy moms.  That might have been because I didn't have a maxi skirt...until recently.  Lo and behold on a recent drive-by of the skirts at VV Boutique, I found a maxi skirt in great neutral colours, flattering stripes and great fabric that will leave all I got going on underneath to the imagination, where it belongs.
Arcadia skirt $6 and Black sandals $7.70 VV Boutique
Pool noodle and hose are part of my glamour shoot.

Now, ANMJ depicts the maxi skirt in action at the beach, at the park, at festivals, running errands - doing everything we moms need to do in a day.  So, I figured I would give my maxi skirt a mom test drive.  I wore it while friends came over, to the grocery store, to clean up fifty thousand messes during the day, and to play...
Yeah, I have a pink basketball, what of it?

It was a warm humid day so I wanted something sleeveless and decided a fitted top was better balanced with the maxi.  And, er, this was basically my only clean option. 
Er, seems a little busty now that I see it in a photo, so I will explain.
I was sucking in, apparently excessively.
*Posture not natural.
A little arm party never hurt an ordinary Thursday.

Upon further examination of the ANMJ inspiration, maxi skirts are almost always paired with looser tops.  Oops.  Next time.  I will happily report that the maxi skirt was indeed comfortable and easy to wear throughout my day.
And I made the shot!


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