Saturday 10 August 2013

Happy Birthday VV Boutique Style!

I look in the mirror and I don't feel older, and don't think I look older, yet here we are.  A year has passed since I started this adventure of shopping second-hand for myself and I am moved to tears thinking on what a wonderful year it has been.

Let me count my blessings:

First and foremost, my husband found a great job and is thriving, and this has had such a positive impact on our family.
Second, I have found JOY in thrift shopping that I never would have imagined, AND, many of my friends have joined in my joy which multiplies it exponentially!
Third, I have met many many wonderful people via blogging and experienced even more JOY in the blogging community, in my local community and the larger social media community.  I have written guest posts and been featured in the newspaper and on other blogs.  My expectations were far surpassed! 
There have been so many blessings, I feel like good fruit is blooming and dripping off every aspect of this hobby of mine.  So I must thank you!  I thank my family and friends for their support and enthusiasm, I thank the people who read and enjoy my posts, and I thank my IRL and on-line community for making this a truly rewarding experience. 


Now, in case all y'all are curious, I have been keeping track of my thrifting spending and I'm going to be real and share it here.

I tallied up the total amount that I have spent this year on thrift shopping for myself (kids and household purchases are not included).  Drum roll please......

I have no idea if this is considered a little or a lot by the general public.  I have no real baseline to compare it to; until I started this adventure, I was pregnant or recovering from gaining cough-cough three times over and so I had not rebuilt my wardrobe in a stable size until this year.  However, I can say this with confidence.  I did well.  Because for $1007.10, I got 186 items ranging from tops, pants, skirts, dresses, bags, shoes, outerwear and accessories for an average cost per item of $5.41.  

186 items for $5.41 each.  

That is dumbfounding to me.  First the quantity, then the value!  I initially felt a little embarrassed by how much I have spent but then I remembered that I basically replaced my entire wardrobe this year.  If the average woman bought 10-15 pieces in a year for $70-$100, she would spend the same amount. I think it is reasonable and in any case, it is well below the general clothing budget guidelines relative to my family's income.     

There has been movement of pieces in and out of my closet - some donated back, some swapped and some waiting for seasonal wear.  And let's face it, I am like a five-year-old when it comes to novelty!  I like new (to me) pieces that I can style up and try out and then release back into the pond for someone else.  This is the good ol' catch and release approach related to style!  If I wasn't thrifting, if I wasn't blogging about style, I would probably settle for less novelty, but as it is, it suits. 

What comes next?

I challenged myself to a year of shopping second hand and now that I've started, I have no desire to stop.  Here is what you can expect:

I am setting aside $1000 for my thrifting budget for the next year and will continue to shop ONLY second hand for myself with two exceptions:
  1. I will be having my turn in Splurge Sorority soon and will have $500 to splurge on something just for me!!  I AM EXCITED!  I have a few things in mind already.  I promise to share down to the penny when my turn comes!
  2. I will continue to support my talented jewelry designing sister She Does Create by purchasing and wearing her unique accessories.  It's very selfless of me, don't you think?  Insert halo.
I will post my finds and show the world how AWESOME thrifted-style can be!  I also am launching a new page on VV Boutique Style:

Click on over to read all about it!  I want to share my love of thrifting with the world* and am at your service for the following:
  • closet consultation
  • style consultation
  • accessory consultation
  • thrifting guide
  • reviews, ads, sponsorships, etc.
Email me for rates and appointments.  VV Boutique Style is pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard or cashDoesn't that sound official?!

*This is what I would say in my Miss America speech.

I continue to view this little space of Internet as a place to explore my creativity, style and humour!  Thrifting remains a joyful blessing and hobby, and the more I can share the merrier!  VV Boutique Style is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so click on over and let's connect!

I will conclude VV Boutique Style's birthday party with some of my favourite looks and posts from the first year:
Thanks for reading!  Happy Thrifting!


  1. Okay, it was really special for me to see the photo of you in the Journal ... because I took it and was then connected with you :) I've been mostly shopping at VV for the past while but you have definitely encouraged me to try to stay exclusively there! I love your posts and your findings, rock on :D

    1. Thank you so much Megan for your kind words! It was special to ME too to have you as the Splurge Sorority photographer! I'm looking forward to watching where you career takes you! Your dedication to thrifting is awesome and you always look great - looks good on you!! And when it doesn't work for you, it works for me (camping shirt....)! haha

  2. You are just so AWESOME!...i'll put vvboutiquestyle in MY book of awesome;)...mmm


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