Wednesday 28 August 2013

Fall Trends for the Everyday Mom

This time of year is bittersweet.  I hate to see the end of relaxed summer days but new fall routines are rejuvenating!  I am not sure if this is amplified because I work in the school system so I'm heading back-to-school with all the kids and wanting a new pencil box and fancy notebook to go with me.  This is also the one time of year when I actually purchase magazines.  I love to look at them at the library or in other people's bathrooms homes, but I personally don't like to pay more for a magazine than I do for a pair of pants, especially when there's Pinterest, the "magazine" of all time...except for Fall; there is something about the 7-pound fall magazines that I can't resist.
 Stack of happiness.

Last weekend while I camped at the Taj Mawalmart, I studied my mags in order to dutifully report back on fall trends.
 The Klassy family heading to breakfast in pajamas.
Momma Klass is wearing thrifted distressed jeans and shoes!

Behold, what caught my eye in the plethora of fall pages that might actually work for a 39-1/2-year-old everyday mom like me (us?):
  • prints - plaid, animal, polka dot, stripes, colour-block, floral, squares, hearts.  It seems any print can be worn stylishly if it isn't too matchy-matchy.
I liked In Style's presentation of patterns.
  • colour - rich tones like oxblood (why we can't call this burgundy any more is beyond me), cobalt, fuchsia, teal, emerald and on the other end of the spectrum, pastels.  So I take that to mean all colours are in.  You can't go wrong.

Corner folded.  I heart hot pink and can't wait to wear more!
  • ankle crop pants - with or without socks, rolled or flipped or down.  This is good news for me because I need to wear my crop pants with socks in winter.  I was apparently ahead of the trend on that one.  Thanks Canada for the style prompt.
Even showing a little skin, I note...
  • statement necklaces, pendants, layered necklaces - some mags said no to layering but then the ads and layouts still had layered necklaces.  Is this just a ploy to get me to keep buying necklaces?  Whatev, I'm going to anyhow so just be straight with me, Trends.  I think any necklace is better than no necklace so pick something and finish your outfit.
 I don't care if Bazaar says not to layer, I like this look.
Also, I have a lot of necklaces that would like to be worn.
  • menswear vibe - oxford shoes and blazers is about all I will take from this trend.  I noted a lot of models with hair pulled back severely and very structured clothing.  All that would do for the likes of me is reveal my forehead wrinkles and make me feel claustrophobic in my clothes.  Pass.
Blazers I can do.  Because I can unbutton for extra breathing.
  • fifties vibe - full skirts, midi-length skirts, sweaters, simple eye make-up with bright lips.... I'm gravitating more to these looks.

So much for no mid-calf.  Rules schmules.
  • sweatshirts - with interesting details and paired with everything from jeans to fancy skirts.  

I hope people don't realize how trendy sweatshirts are before donating all the cool ones.
  • printed pants - don't throw out your coloured pants because they are still going strong, but pick up pants in just about any print and you'll be the T in trend.  If they are printed AND textured, you can go right ahead and add a "Y" to trend.
 Look at those cobalt pumps!  Swoon.

Well, those are more than enough trends to keep me busy this Fall!  Starting tomorrow, I'm back to work and busier than ever!  And I *may* have a few "new" trendy pieces just waiting to go out!

As for the mags themselves, what has happened???  Am I just getting old?  I found the rip out and pin up looks few and far between with one exception: Red Book.  That mag was worth every penny!  Great style examples, good articles, nice layout...  I won't dis the other mags but I will say, save your money and buy crop pants instead.   

What is NOT on trend?  Well, apparently if you are emaciated and miserable, anything is chic.
 "We are hangry."

For the rest of us, I would venture that none of us will land in the "Glamour Don't" pages if we wear what makes our hearts happy and put some effort into our style - some intention.  Yep, that's it - INTENTION.  The only thing that isn't trendy is portraying an "I don't care about myself" image or vibe.  That's not cool, because YOU are worth time and effort!  

Did I miss anything that everyday women are snatching up this fall?  What trend are you most looking forward to?


  1. I wasn't sure about the printed pants at first, but I've now decided I want a pair. Preferably with flowers or something cause I'm girly like that! And animal prints. I want something with an animal print. That's what I'm most excited about!

    1. Kim, Thank you so much for always reading and commenting! I love reading your comments! YES you would look awesome in a pair of floral ankle crops!!! Sure we should camp this weekend?? Shop instead???


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