Thursday 29 August 2013

First Day of School/Work

I may incessantly occasionally crack jokes about professionalism, but at heart, I love my job and feel it is a great blessing to do what I love in a community I love with awesome kids and schools.  Me and my OT/PT/SLP/FSLW peeps work hard to do right by these kids... and what harm is there in looking good while we do that hard work?!  Hence, 2 out of 4 of my work peeps texted me their back-to-work ensembles last night...
 I love everything about these outfits.  Especially my friends wearing them.

Another one made a special trip to the office to show off her mixed neutral print outfit that was regular retail and still under $10!  And the last one is unaware she is sitting on a style goldmine with her oxblood pants.  Pun intended.  Ladies, you all put the "PRO" in professional, and you look fantastic too!   

Looks like we all had blues and greens on the brain because here's what I chose for my first day back-to-work:
 Green Cleo shell $5, and Laundry by Shelli Segal skirt $4.90 both VV Boutique
 Pendant necklace and arm party by She Does Create.
Anne Ross shoes $9.10 VV Boutique
 The obligatory VV Boutique Style bathroom selfie.

I actually got caught for the first time ever taking this bathroom shot, thankfully by my colleague.  Here is the conversation that ensued:

Me: Oh!  You caught me taking bathroom self-photography.

Oxblood pants: Uh, why are you taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror?

Me: (embarrassed) Because I like to.  (with dawning awareness of how bad that sounds)  I mean, I take them for my blog.  

OP: (practically) Don't you get a glare?  You should have someone else take them for you.

Me: (still embarrassed) I'm usually more stealthy about my vanity.  Anyway, it's kinda a tradition.

OP: (quizzically)  Really?!

Me: (gotta know when to fold 'em)  I'm going to leave now. (runs out of bathroom)

Hopefully that will be the last time I get caught because I know it won't be the last time for bathroom photography; it IS a tradition.  I AM a professional.  So there.  The end.


  1. Nothing wrong with bathroom photography. Anywhere there's mirrors let the selfies roll!

    1. Thank you Joelle!!! That's what I think! Roll on!


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