Wednesday 14 August 2013

Flattered by Flatter Me Belts

I hate to say it but it's basically the middle of August.  Does this give anyone besides me a bit of anxiety!?!  So many plans, so much good intention, so much yet undone!  Then I look back on summer so far and realize my family and I have had great BIG summer fun!  We are working our way through our summer fun list and will be lucky enough to do most if not all of our fun activities!  A couple weeks ago, we hit the zoo and I had two good reasons to wear something besides a maxi dress:
  1. The weather was iffy.  Windy, cloudy, sunny, rainy.  Make up your mind, Alberta.
  2.  I wanted to style up my Flatter Me belt in preparation for ... wait for it because this is supremely exciting for me ... my guest appearance on the Flatter Me Belt blog!!!!!
I'm sure my reader(s) have my every word memorized therefore you know that I adore my Flatter Me belt.  I have posted about it many times and worn it regularly since I got it a little over a year ago.  I can safely say that it is my favourite belt of all time, and the fact that it was designed by an Edmontonian AND is manufactured ethically in China just makes it all the more amazing! Claire, *the* designer, got wind of my Uber Fan status and as it turns out, she is a fellow thrift enthusiast!  So now she is my official transcontinental BFF.  She doesn't know that, but that's what stalkers uber fans do; we make declarations. 

I was beyond flattered when Claire invited me to be featured on her blog!  I immediately wanted to go shopping for something new from VV Boutique for this awesome experience, and when I finally managed to ditch the kids get some time to myself to shop, I found the perfect piece and came up with one of my favourite thrifted outfits of all time...
 Old Navy bird-print blouse $7 and rock star denim $6
Mustard tank $4.20, Shoes $4, Earrings $4
All from VV Boutique

Aside from my sun-protection (Sunday Afternoons SPF 50 hat, sunglasses from my closet), this ensemble is entirely thrifted for a grand total of $25.20!!  I love how these pieces from a huge box store look entirely individual and unique with a few key accessories like these stunning earrings and of course the Flatter Me belt.
This photo is but one example of why you should follow me on Instagram.
Sometimes I sneak peak VV pieces in my #ootd shots!
Other times I showcase stellar parenting.
At $31 plus $3 shipping, you can afford a few!

Later, I was in J Crew (for the first time if you can believe it, shopping with a friend) and saw bird-print everywhere!  Whoever gave up this pretty top must not have got the J Crew memo, thankfully!  I daresay I prefer this print blouse over their bird print but I suppose I may be a bit biased... 
I'm telling you, Flatter Me makes everything fit!  Pants gape at the back?  Belt it!  Shirt a bit too blousy?  Belt it.  Gain 10 lbs from ice cream and blended drinks?  Loosen it up then belt it!  I should say (again) that I'm not being paid to exhort here, I just can't help myself. 

 I heart you, Outfit.

But the very best thing about Flatter Me belts is the woman behind it.  Claire is another example of someone living out their dreams!!  Did she just think up cool things then go work in a boring job?  NO!  She went after it!  She figured it out!  I find that so inspiring!  Smart, savvy women, figuring how to make their dreams come true.  She IS happily ever after and I get to be in her on-line company and that will make me smile for the rest of summer and beyond!  Thanks Claire and Flatter Me for having me and know I'm ready to be your #YEG cheerleader any time!


  1. Nicole, I'm blushing!! Thank you so much for guest-posting, and *especially* for spreading the word about the magic of thrifting. Can't wait to see you when I'm back in Edmonton in September! -Claire

    1. My pleasure Claire! Thanks for popping by and for featuring me on your awesome blog! See you soon!

      Your uber fan

  2. Teehee, I enjoyed your post until I clicked the stellar parenting pic... and then I laughed out loud! Hahaha, nice one. (I have a Flatter:me in every colour. Which one shall I wear today? Hmmm...)

    1. Thanks for popping by Laura B. I myself was a Nicole E. so I get it. I'm a little jealous of your Flatter Me collection! I will be getting more with my splurge money fo sho.

  3. Loved reading this one. You definitely have me wanting to go find a Flatter Me Belt! :) Love the bird top, too. I've been seeing so many bird and butterfly prints lately, but I have yet to purchase one for myself! Maybe when I finally make it to VV...heehee! ;)

  4. Love this post! Claire is indeed a great, savvy entrepreneur as well as being cute as a button and super nice!

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