Monday 19 August 2013

Recap Reveal #1

When I went shopping last week with Sheri Landry,we made fast friends with the brand new Value Village in Sherwood Park.  I had the pleasure of recapping our experience over on Sheri's blog, This Bird's Day.  The general gist of it is that... I love thrifting!  Surprise!  And now that I have some fall pieces, I can cope with the impending doom of August-end.  No more night owl, no more lazy weekday morning cuddles with my kids, but at least I will have nice ensembles to look forward to.... Oh fine, also the routine and rejuvenation that September brings, not to mention my awesome job (as a pediatric Occupational Therapist LOVING working with so many cool kids including ones like Max) and crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, etc.  I think I now win an award for being the earliest to mention PSL.  Sorry, or you're welcome??  Anyhoo, after my shopping trip with Sheri at the new VV Boutique in Sherwood Park, I am the proud new mum to 12 fab pieces, including this cobalt beauty.  Cobalt is a hot fall colour trend, so I was thrilled to find a cobalt piece with stripes, my fave:

  Old Navy top $4 VV Boutique
Flatter Me belt $31 on line

I worked with my jewelry-designing sis She Does Create at the St. Albert Farmers' Market on Saturday and got to spend all day long with pretty accessories, like the green turquoise beaut I'm wearing here.  Um, seeing it here, Shannon, I may *need* you to set it aside for me...  It's not my fault; it bonded with my blouse and now my blouse is lonely.
 Gray flats $4 VV Boutique

I paired my stripes with an old clothing-swap printed skirt from my closet and layered a tank, not just for looks but so I could shed a layer for the exerting endeavour known as "taking down the tent."  The tent almost won.

While I was "working," my pal Janelle of Riverbend Gardens popped by.  Janelle is a farmer now but once upon a time she was the best Occupational Therapy Assistant a girl could ask for.  Aside from excellent therapy, we also complimented each other on style and maybe even included that as a team goal.  I am very very schmery professional.  (I actually am, but I know team comes from joy and better work comes from more joy... you get the idea.  *Please don't fire me.)  Anyhoo, Janelle gave me the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to accessorize a simple tee.  I neglected to take a before pic so close your eyes and envision a plain black v-neck tee and jeans.  Now open:  
 Janelle is Farmerette-Plus in these accessories!

You don't have to have all these elements to get a look that works, but I was pleased to see that a basic tee could pull of the accessory trifecta (earrings, necklace, bracelet) plus a belt and bag.  How you put it all together in your own unique way is what gives style!  Thanks Janelle for being a guest model on VV Boutique Style.  I mean, Janelle, is it okay if I publish pictures of you for all the world to see?  (I love you! xoxo)
Last but not least, how could I resist this mirror-photography moment?!  I did however resist pocketing the pretty necklaces as I parted them... Very big of me not to steal (more) from my sister.  (I love you! xoxo)

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