Friday 9 August 2013

White on White Challenge.

Earlier this week I came across the style blogger challenge by Real Girl Glam to put together an all-white ensemble.  For me, the challenge isn't in putting together the ensemble since I have a total of 3 pure white pieces ($4 white retro sweater, $6.30 white pants, $5 white eyelet top); the challenge is in actually wearing it for my real girl not-so-glamorous life!
For example, this is part of my photo reel with my 3yo photographer!  After every shot of me, we had to stop and take a photo of her twirling.  It's only fair.  I finally managed to get one head-to-toe shot of my ensemble before I got dirty and decided I didn't love the look.

I was heading out for an AWESOME girl's night of shopping with my favourite Megan and her stylish baby sis so thought I would try a variation of white on white and swap the top for my gifted off-white lace top to add some tone to the ensemble.
We OWNED you, Target.

This combo felt much more comfortable to me.  Though the eyelet top added texture, this lace added more texture and enough of a contrast to the plain white pants to add some interest to the ensemble.
I wore gray flats to stick to a neutral palette and so that I could last for several hours of shopping!

I must admit: I thought my blog post would be all about how impractical it is for a busy mom to wear an all-white outfit but in the end, as soon as I swapped tops, I forgot about the potential to get dirty and started to enjoy my outfit!  I felt especially smug strolling past the white ankle crop Rag & Bone pants on sale for $115 in my $6.30 pants!  Sure they may not fit as perfectly as the designer brand, but they still create the same look.

Thanks Amber of Real Girl Glam for inspiring the white-on-white!  I'm pleased to share that my VV Boutique pieces rose to the challenge!

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