Wednesday 4 September 2013

Second Choice Style

Welcome, September.  I knew you were coming but didn't think you'd get here so quickly.

So I'm officially back at work wearing real clothes.  I have stocked up a few "new" fall pieces and can't wait to get wearing them but today was H.O.T. and by that I am not referring to the 90's Korean pop sensation.  The beautiful weather gave me a good reason to wear a dress you may recognize as the Next Gen Runner Up.
Nine West dress new with tags $11 VV Boutique

To be honest, I was doubtful I would get into this dress after a, er, lazy relaxing life summer.  Luckily the fabric is fitted but stretchy.  Score for Nine West.  And Rolo Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  After getting into the dress, the next challenge was coaxing my children into taking a couple decent photos on our way out the door.
You just never know what parts are going to make the cut...
Or what is going to make it on the roll, period.  
She's practicing her selfie skills, apparently.

I have been thinking about fall fashion for a while and have known for a while that I want to stretch my style muscles this September.  I have noted that "stylish" sometimes seems to be deliberately unmatched, at least to my commoner's perspective.  I like unexpected touches and think those are the choices that show intention, personal aesthetic and style; but to get there, we have to get past "matching," or at least consider what might be the second choice, the less-obvious accessory or pairing.  It's easy enough to match.  Unless you're 3.  What takes a little more practice is going for that silver-medal selection and owning it. 
The shoes and belt are different shades.  Living on the edge.
Shoes $8 VV Boutique

My first choice for this dress would've been a cobalt skinny belt, cobalt earrings and silver accents.  Instead, I went for the not-exactly-matching fuchsia belt, gold accents and earrings with yellow in them.  WHAT?  There's no other yellow in my whole outfit!!!  Shocking!!!  
 Guess what?  No one even looked at me funny.
Belt $4 VV Boutique, Accessorize bangle and earrings from She Does Create.

It's not much, and it's not really important in the grand scheme of life, but this month, I'm going to try to pass over my first choice and see if my second choice leads me to style.
 "Just take the picture already."


  1. I've always loved this dress - since you first posted it

    1. Thanks Janet! I'm going to try styling it up differently with layers when it gets chilly...

  2. OMG u are one hot chicky!!! LOVE IT - complimentary colours - totally approve;)...mmm

    1. Thanks. Wanna go on a date with me? Like next Wednesday or something? wink wink

  3. Awesome dress Nicole ! I need to do some more VV shopping! Rebecca :-)

    1. It's the only way to go! You should come Oct 10 to Fashion's Night Out! Going to be fun!


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