Saturday 14 September 2013

Sea Foam Flatter:Me Sneak Peek

This has been an awesome week!  I started BSF, I went to Feastival and then I made fast friends with Claire, THE designer and international business woman behind Flatter:Me belts.  Claire was visiting her hometown of Edmonton from China and, after our bloggy collaboration this summer, we made a date to meet in person.  Which we were both late for, so right there I knew we would be friends.  (not that I'm not friends with punctual people Of course, I wanted to style up my Flatter:Me belt for the occasion with thrifted pieces since Claire and I are kindred thrifters...
 Crochet top, gift but originally from VV Boutique
Polka dot skirt $4.90, Anne Ross shoes $9.10 VV Boutique

I love this skirt and its trendy polka dot print and pretty front pleat, and felt my ensemble was good representation of how Flatter:Me belts can be worn as part of your outfit, not just to hold up your pants.
Belt loops be damned!  You don't need them to wear a belt!
Just wear it where it's comfortable.

When I met Claire, I felt like we were already old friends!  I heard all about the beginnings of her business and was once again blown away by her savvy and sincere approach to business and life in general.  Claire is one smart cookie.  Since we are transcontinental BFFs, it was no surprise that our outfits ended up coordinating, and my little gift of fab earrings from She Does Create perfectly complimented.
 Claire, you are beautiful inside and out!

AND Claire gave me a wonderful gift!  I am so excited about it!  It is a Flatter:Me belt in their latest colour - SEA FOAM - that hasn't even been released yet!  Woot woot!  
The belt is such a gorgeous colour.  I fell right in love.

Even though I was working from home the next day and didn't see a soul besides my kids, I wore my new belt like a hug from my new friend.
 Black and blue are anything but ordinary with a sea foam Flatter:Me!
 Heaven is smiling on my belt here.

Claire, it was so lovely to meet you!  Thank you for your kind gift.  That no one else has.  (Okay, I admit I'm boasting a little.)  I will be keeping an eye out for the inevitable growth of Flatter:Me and more importantly, I will enjoy wearing mine - even more so having met the woman behind them! 


  1. I love those belts! If I ever find my waistline again, I'll definitely be ordering some!

    1. The belt will give you a waistline! You can try on mine when I'm in the school next. You will see. I'm right. I'm a professional ya know.

  2. I adore your blog and having worked with Claire in a previous life I know full well that she is a spitfire sprite. Yep, you two are kindred spirits!

    1. Wow thanks for the high compliments Debra! I miss Claire already! She is awesome!

  3. oh, love that color! i know i shouldn't admit this on your blog, but i don't actually own a flatter:me belt yet! shocking, i know! when the sea foam comes out, i think that is going to have to be my first flatter:me purchase! :)

    oh, and i love the outfit you wore to meet her. very cute. the crochet top is so pretty. have fun with your belts! :)


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