Thursday 26 September 2013

A Better Me

As #mixnotmatch month comes to a close, I'm finding it hard to stick it out these last few days.  I keep reaching for matching pieces only to tell myself, next weekJust hold off till next week!  And then, after I reach for my second choice, I am glad because the result is always better.  By "better", I don't mean that my style is better than someone with M.M.S. (Matchy-Matchy Syndrome - it happens to us all.  Wine is the cure.)  I mean that the result is a better representation of my unique-self-style expression.  It's better because it's more me.  

That's why I love VV Boutique shopping.  You find one-of-a-kind pieces not available in other stores and you're forced to style them in your own way.  This $3 vintage sweater I recently scored is the perfect example:
Cobalt and emerald, stripes, colour-blocking, gold accents.  This beauty has been waiting since 1989 and its day has arrived!
I just so's happen to have a gifted 80s -vibe necklace that goes well.
It does does NOT match, it just looks like it does.

Now, I could've reached for a safe neutral bottom, a printed skirt (if it wasn't 11degrees and if I had tights) or even my fave green pants.  Instead, I headed straight for a third trendy colour in a stretchy pant perfect for 2 days of unexpected school staff luncheons (now THAT is scoring!!).
 Oxblood pants $3 VV Boutique
 These pants are made for walking...
 I, Nicole, hereby admit to wearing matching shoes and necklace today.

Cool day, comfy outfit.  Cool SIX DOLLAR outfit, I should say.  Thanks VV Boutique for helping me be a better me.


  1. Awww. but you and I had on Matchy Matchy pants yesterday! Did you notice I was not "quite" as MM as I usually am? I'm trying to be a good student, but I think I made a better OT student, than a fashion one. Great to see you yesterday!! Going to miss working with you!

    1. I did notice the pants!! And the stylin puffer vest and scarf!! Which is saying something because there was a luncheon attracting my attention! You looked great and I would say you're pretty good with style and OT! The gr 1 kiddos are lucky to have you!

  2. I absolutely adore your sweater and the Stewart Smalley quote. I'm wearing oxblood pants too today, however sadly they were not $3. :(

    1. Thanks Joelle! Maybe we need to share a pound cake one day! ;) In my experience, VV never fails to provide on-trend pieces!

  3. Guess what?! This week I wore green boots with a multi-color dress that DID NOT have green in it!!! Yup. That's because of you. And you are good. And you are smart. And I like you!!! :)


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