Monday 9 September 2013

Style Cat Call

Firsts from today:

1. I had to literally stop the van for a flock of quail to meander across the road just off my driveway.  There were at least 6 but they were in the shadows so hard to get a good pic.  I've seen one very occasionally but never 6 and never sauntering like they own the 'hood.

2. As I was walking down the street, a woman literally stopped her vehicle to roll down the window and call out that she liked my outfit!  Naturally, I marched right over and told her my life story and gave her a VV Boutique Style card and now "Erin" (who, as a mom of 3 including a BABY, was rocking crisp white pants and chic sunnies) is my Beau Meadow fashion BFF.  She doesn't know it (yet) but she's in the Style Cat Call Club (I heart clubs) where we women call out compliments and kudos and generally share the love and brighten each others' day.  Anyone else want to join?  I'm pretty sure it would start a revolution.  

This random compliment was exactly what I needed because I was a little iffy about my mix-not-match second-choice ensemble this morning...  I expected it to be easy to style this gray polka dot skirt...
 $7 VV Boutique

I snatched it up after reading all about fall trends and full skirts and fifties vibes.  It has a middle front seam, pockets and a wide waist band or panel.  Once I started playing with it, I realized the panel is kinda hard to work around.  It basically encompasses every woman's worst tummy zone and flares out from there.  Yep.  I tried belting it with a wide belt, wearing a loose top untucked and finally settled on a gold textured top tucked in.  Except, that would technically be my first choice... so back to the drawing board.  I then FINALLY settled on an animal print top.  I thought I would leave it untucked and let the ribbing of the top mask the skirt band.  
Not bad, but first choice again.

So I really FINALLY settled on tucking it in and belting it to redefine my waist higher up from the band and give a fifties silhouette.
 Animal print top $4 VV Boutique
Flatter Me belt of awesomeness

Next I selected finishing accessories:
My first choice was pearls - fifties inspired, perhaps too literal!  My second choice was a necklace with a pop of colour and pearl studs as my fifties accent. 
Spike bracelet for some edgy juxtaposition.
Miz Mooz pumps finish 'er off.

After all, this was a good example of a style stretch that paid off in a public cat call!  And we had quail for supper.  Kidding.


  1. Love it. Love it. Love it! Love the skirt! Love the shirt! You look amazing! I think this is one of my favorites. You definitely deserved the cat call!! :) That's all I have to say! :)

    1. Wow thanks Kim!! I'm so surprised since it seemed questionable! Maybe I'm learning something after all!


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